Find the Best Delivery Service in Calgary in 2019 Fastest and Cheapest Courier Near me


Are you looking to find the Best Delivery Service in Calgary in 2019? Want to know what is the fastest and cheapest courier near me? While there are a number of delivery service companies in Calgary. They all advertise fast and speedy service. Their drivers are all certified and bonded. So, how do you decide? For this reason, we have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Delivery Service in Calgary AB Canada is:

Dale Douglas and his couriers understand how delivery services play an important role in business, and selecting the wrong service could put a business in jeopardy. Daily delivery services need to meet the needs of the customer, rather than the small business owner or a large corporation.

What should you look for in selecting a delivery service?  Each business has different needs, so making the best choice is imperative when it comes to providing good customer service.

  • How soon do you need the package delivered… few hours or the same day? Look for companies that may have fast hot shot services or rush delivery services. Do they have cars, vans and trucks at their disposable?
  • Price can be a decision maker. Standard delivery service prices can range from mid to high price. Is security included in the price of delivery? Most services provide security for your package, and the price range may be an indication of the level of security provided.
  • What is their reliability rate? This is another important deal breaker. Your reputation is attached to the delivery of your package/s. You promised your client a delivery time, so you have to be sure you can rely on them. This will help you maintain a good reputation.
  • How easy can your client track their package? Can they check via their smartphone, your website or do they have easy access to whatever tracking software you use?
  • How easy is it to pay for the services? They should accept cash, credit card and even allow you to open an account. It is particularly good if there is no monthly minimum. If you do not have a delivery for that month, you are not billed. You should consider opening up an account especially if your are corporation or larger businesses. 

Make sure they have good reviews. Select a company that can guarantee high quality service. Make sure the delivery service company you choose stands out above the rest!

More about City Wide Courier

City Wide Courier meets all of the above criteria and more. They have customer service operators prepared to process your order and your packages are delivered promptly. You can also place your order online, and still receive the prompt service.  All of their drivers are licensed and you can depend on their neat and professional appearance. City Wide has over 30 years’ experience delivering throughout the Calgary community. They’ve delivered everything from envelopes to truck loads of packages to one location. They are organized and efficient. They guarantee their service with a smile, by making your order processing and delivery stress-free and personable. If there are ever any problems, they are addressed in a friendly and prompt manner.

City Wide has also been known to fulfill special niche orders when other companies turned their customer down. They are equipped with a dependable fleet of cars, vans and five-ton trucks. No package is too big or small. They also offer “hot shot” service, which means the package is needed yesterday. They do not hesitate to expedite this delivery. They have online order tracking and email you the proof of delivery automatically sent to you via email.