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Are you looking for the Best Credit Repair Detroit, MI?  In addition to repairing credit, is credit counseling and education services you are also looking for in the community of Detroit? Are you looking for a Credit Repair company that does not charge upfront fees?

With the goal in mind to find a company which meets your needs, we present to you:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Credit Repair, Detroit, Michigan, is:

United Credit Counselors Credit Repair
Joe Butler
Detroit MI 48235

Should I Get Credit Repair Counseling?

People often think filing bankruptcy is their only option. Credit counseling is one of the possible alternatives to bankruptcy. It is worth the time and money to go through Credit Repair counseling.

Find yourself having a difficult time paying your monthly bills, making minimum payments on your credit cards, and or revolving accounts? You also do not have an emergency or rainy-day savings? Credit repair counseling as an excellent option for you.

Starting the Process

Credit Repair counseling offers you many options to help remove stress. People believe it is impossible to repair their credit; it is not. There are ways to improve and restore your credit in a very short time.

Consider these four effective strategies:

1) Check for mistakes on your credit report

Reviewing your credit report is the straight-forward and easy method to improve your credit score quickly. Once every twelve months, you can order a free credit report. 

2) Credit counseling 

Help you set goals for better money management and negotiate with creditors on your behalf. Most times, they can substantially reduce your outstanding balances. Experienced accredited agencies have a much better chance of negotiating better terms for you than if you were to do it yourself. 

What to do about Mistakes? 

You should contact the credit bureau in writing. Let them know which items are incorrect. When they review it and find indeed there is a mistake, they will correct it, and erase it from your report. It will instantly improve your credit score.  Mistakes happen, and it is a good chance this review is effective in improving your credit.

If they do not remove the wrong item, continue to contact them until it is removed. Allow two to three months for the process. Eventually, you can get that erroneous information taken off.

3) Establish a Savings 

Build up a savings or nest egg to help you when times are financially tight. No matter how small, the money can add up and be there when you need it.

4) Make on-time payments

It is easier said than done if there are cash flow issues. Nevertheless, this is one of the straightforward steps to raise your credit.  It is impossible to make timely payments, consider debt consolidation.

What if you need more help? Then contact our selection for the Best Credit Repair Services in Detroit.

More about United Credit Counselors Credit Repair Credit Repair and Joe Butler

Joe Butler is Financial Education Specialist with United Credit Counselors Credit Repair. He specializes in helping remove all items that are negative on your report. A few negative kinds of information can come in the form of:

  • Incorrect information, including accounts that have incorrectly been reported as yours, payments reported as late when they were paid on time or completely, and more.
  • They also report past due accounts that are late, charged off, or have been sent to collections.
  • Maxed-out accounts that are over the credit limit

United Credit Counselors Credit Repair is also aligned with UCES - United Credit Education Services. Their primary purpose is to work toward raising customers’ credit scores. They assist in removing negative information from credit reports and educating their customers to enhance their overall financial well-being.

Their services are specific in the area of:

  • Credit Building
  • Learning to Monitor Your Credit
  • Set up a Debt-Free Payoff Plan
  • Securing your personal financial information with Identity Protection
  • Buying Term Life Protection for their family
  • Creating a Financial Roadmap to identify important contacts and pertinent financial information
  • Network Tracking Report
  • Develop a Savings Plan
  • Create Will and Trust plans
  • Financial Education for the Children

For more detailed explanations about UCES, contact Mr. Butler at United Credit Counselors Credit Repair. He will give you more information about the services and gets you started.

Best Credit Repair Service in Detroit