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Searching to find the Best Credit Repair San Diego CA in 2019? If you find that you have credit problems and are looking to raise your credit score, there are specific steps you need to take. Knowing your options about the fact that not all credit repair companies are legitimate. 

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 award for the Best Credit Repair San Diego, California, is:

Credit Capital
San Diego, CA 22434
(559) 827-8440

What about Credit Repair Services?

How do you determine which credit repair business is the right fit for you? So, what services should you be searching for that to meet your needs? Understanding the role of a credit repair company can help you make the best choice.

Here are some critical questions: 

-Can you help me understand my credit report? Are finance education classes a part of your credit restoration process? 

-How does your company suggest I handle any mistakes found on my credit report? 

-Does it cost me any money upfront to get started with your company? 

-Do you have reviews from people who have used your services? 

-Do you have any lending sources available if I need a debt consolidation loan? 

-Who are you accredited with?

-What can a credit repair company do to help you?

First and foremost, their goal is getting your credit repaired and your score up. It is done by obtaining your credit reports from the three reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. It is important to obtain a report from each. Why? These bureaus all get their information from different companies because very few of the merchants you work with a report to all them. Therefore, even if one of the reports is mistake-free, another one might not be. If the repair company finds a mistake or inaccurate record, they can help you have it corrected if possible. You have a legal right to see that it’s corrected. The bureaus have a legal obligation to check with the company you have an issue with and let you know in thirty days of their decision. If you aren’t proactive, the mistakes on your report will never be corrected. A credit repair service can help you persist in correcting the errors. 

A credit repair service can help you discover and prevent identity theft. Once you start tracking all of your financial transactions it will be easy to spot charges that you don't recognize or actions that might be inaccurate. 

How to Select the Right Credit Repair Company

Here are three ways to help you find the most effective company:

1) Being accredited is important - Make sure they are accredited

Ask if the credit repair company has the necessary credentials to deal with your case. They should be part of the NFCC or AICCCA. There are a lot of scammers in the credit repair industry. They take your money and are never heard from again. If a company has gone to the trouble of getting accreditation, the odds are, they are the real deal. 

2) Research the company and read their online reviews 

Reviews are essential in any industry, and this one is no different. Research online to discover what their current and past customers are saying about them. It is particularly necessary if it’s a credit repair service you’ve never heard of. Be sure to read multiple reviews and any responses given by the company. Just because someone gave a poor review, doesn't mean the company was a fault. 

3) Consider any upfront fees

The regular practice in this industry is providing a one-time consultation for free or for Ita minimal amount. If a company is asking for a large initial payment, be cautious. They often are scammers, looking to capitalize on your misfortune. It is probably best to avoid them and continue searching for legitimate credit repair service companies.

More about Credit Captial

Credit Capital’s primary purpose is to work toward raising customer's credit scores. One that assists in removing negative information from credit reports and educating their customers to enhance their overall financial well-being.

Their services should be in the area of:

  • Build credit knowledge with a credit builder program
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt-Free Payoff Plan
  • Identity Protection
  • Term Life Protection for their family
  • Financial Roadmap to identify important contacts and pertinent financial information
  • Develop a Savings Plan
  • Create Will and Trust plans
  • Financial education for any children

For more detailed explanations about a company that provides these type of credit repair services, contact the Credit Repair Specialists at Credit Capital.

Best Credit Repair San Diego CA

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