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Are you needing to find the Best Credit Repair, New York NY in 2019? If you find that you have credit problems and are looking to raise your credit score, there are certain steps you need to take. Knowing your options about the fact that not all credit repair companies are legitimate. How do you determine which credit repair business is the right fit for you? So, what services should you be searching for that to meet your needs? Here are some important questions: Can you help me understand my credit report? Are finance education classes a part of your credit restoration process? How does your company suggest I handle any mistakes found on my credit report? Does it cost me any money upfront to get started with your company? Do you have reviews from people who have used your services? Do you have any lending sources available if I need a debt consolidation loan? Who are you accredited with?

With this goal in mind, and after extensive research, we are pleased to announce our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 award for the Best Credit Repair New York, New York is:

Brian Thompkins Credit Repair LP
New York NY 10025
(678) 371-2665

What is Credit Repair - How to Get Started with Your Credit Report

While almost everyone has heard of a credit report, most people don't know where to obtain it, or what to do with it when they have it. Your credit report is a snapshot of your past financial performance. You can see how often you have paid your bills on time or late, how much debt you owe, the number of credit cards you have, and their credit limits. 

Your credit report helps creditors, employers, and other entities determine your creditworthiness. It also affects the amount of interest you might have to pay on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, even utility bills. So if your credit score falls in the poor to the bad sector, you will need some help to raise your score. That's where credit repair companies can help.

In short - credit repair focuses on help you rid your credit report of inaccurate or mistakes in your credit report. This, in turn, can help you restore your credit. Often, people believe it is almost impossible to repair bad credit, but an excellent credit repair service can provide you with various ways to improve your credit and even completely restore it. Sometimes in a very short time period. 

How does Credit Repair work?

Most credit repair companies have consultants who assist you and your financial information, the credit reporting agencies, and your creditors. They challenge the inaccurate data that has been reported. They help you update your credit history, inspect the report for accuracy, and help you create a real picture of your current credit status. 

If necessary, the credit repair service will contact your creditors on your behalf to show documentation that supports a mistake, error, or inaccuracy. This process makes take some time - even months - but the consultant will continue to dispute the information until it is settled. 

The best credit repair services will have a financial education program to help you navigate getting out of the financial troubles you find yourself in because of poor or bad credit.

Here are four simple strategies you can do for yourself to improve your credit:

1) Seek credit counseling 

A credit counseling agency or credit repair service can give you a plan for better money management and can often negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. Often, they can reduce the balance you owe by quite a sum. Accredited agencies are very experienced in the credit industry, and have a much better chance of negotiating better payback terms for you than if you were to attempt to do it yourself. 

2) Look for mistakes on your credit report

Looking over your credit report is one very simple and easy step to start the process of improving your credit score. Anyone can get a copy of their report for free at least once every 12 months, so there is no cost to you and no penalty to your credit score inquiry.  The three major bureaus are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You can obtain them separately, but a better move is to collect all 3. It's important to note that these companies do not interact with each other. Often you will find errors between the data on the reports.

What if you find errors? Contact the credit bureau and inform them what you have discovered. They will review it. If they verify that indeed there is an error, they will correct it, and it should be erased from your report. It will instantly improve your credit score.  Mistakes can easily happen and are made quite often, so there’s a good chance of this review being effective in improving your credit. The key is, even if they don’t remove something the first time, continue pursuing the error. It may take two to three months, but eventually, you can get that erroneous late payment taken off if it occurred.

3) Make timely payments on your existing bills

Start paying on time. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your credit. Many people ignore this simple step. The idea is, to pay something when the payment is due, creditors give positive points on your report for on-time payments. What if you can’t pay on time? If debt load is too much, look into getting a consolidation loan. It can reduce the amount you owe and enables you to pay to make timely payments.

4) Start and grow your savings

Impulse spending is a big problem and often results in people acquiring more debt than they can repay. Instead of spending on things you don’t need, start putting a certain amount of your money away every month into a savings account. Pay yourself first out of every paycheck you receive. One of the reasons people often find themselves burdened with debt is the lack of an emergency fund. Without the fund, when an emergency or unplanned expense happens, the cost is "charged" to a credit card, or the money for a future payment is used - leaving one unable to make a timely payment. It normally begins a "snowball," and late payments start to occur on a regular basis, and your credit report reflects the negative. 

More About Brian Thompson’s Credit Repair

Brian Thompson’s Credit Repair specialists are committed to helping you restore your credit. They will work with you to Rebuild, Restore, and help you receive Results. From start to finish, they will help you to restore your credit rating and achieve financial success. The use positive credit builder practices; they take you through the UCES online educational tool to help educate you in the areas you need to build financial stability, and of course, the main priority is to remove negative items and mistakes from your credit reports.

For more detailed explanations about a company that provides these type of credit repair services, contact Brian Thompson's Credit Repair.

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