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Are you looking for the Best Credit Repair Services in Atlanta, GA? Want to raise your credit score in Atlanta? We are committed to helping you choose the best Credit Repair Service to meet your needs. We examined the methodology, experience, and flexibility. 

For your consideration, we present to you a company whose goals and purpose fit your needs.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Credit Repair Service in Atlanta, Georgia is

Official Brian Thompkins Credit Repair
Brian Thompkins
Atlanta GA USA, 30303
(678) 371-2665 

Can you explain what credit repair is?

Consumer credit rejuvenation agencies that follow the rules and regulations laid down in the 1996 or CROA Credit Repair Organizations Act are amazing companies. Their specialist's goal is to help you rid your credit report of inaccurate reporting and to help you get back on the right track.

How does repairing someone's credit start?

Credit repair consultants work with credit offices and creditors to challenge the negative reporting information that affects your credit score through your information. 

They work with you to ensure your loan history is up-to-date, accurate, and genuinely reflects your current finances.

They will contact the creditors with your request, submitting documents that support the disputed information. They will perform once the contested information is deleted from your loan report.

However, if your loan reporting information is accurate and is part of the UCES Protection Program, they will continue to work with you to educate you on your decisions.

In what ways can I find my Credit Score?

You can find your credit score by searching for a credit report. When you are denied a loan, you are given a free credit report. Your consultant on Credit Repair will aid you in getting a copy of your latest report. Or, you are asking for a report from one of the three national consumer credit agencies, TransUnion, Experian or Equifax.

What should I be careful of?

Try to stay away from Credit Repair companies that vow to tidy up your report even if it is 100% accurate. 

Do not work with a Credit Repair consultant who suggests that you falsify your Social Security number. Also, who intends to remove accurate negative information or add inaccurate information to your credit report.

More about Brian Thompkins and Official Brian Thompkins Credit Repair

Official Brian Thompkins Credit Repair is an accredited credit monitoring company using the United Credit Education Services (UCES) Protection Plan systems. Its goal is to assist customers in improving credit scores, removing harmful data from their credit reports, and educating them on how to enhance their overall financial well-being.

The UCES membership services are specific in the area of:

  • Credit Education to help build credit knowledge with their Credit Builder Program.
  • Credit Monitoring and its importance
  • Debt-Free Payoff options
  • Securing your information through Identity Protection
  • Providing Term Life Insurance for their family
  • Building a Financial Roadmap
  • Developing a Network Tracking Report
  • Savings Programs
  • Importance of having a Will and Trust
  • Training your Children Financial Practices

For more information about Credit Repair, UCES or Official Brian Thompkins Credit Repair, contact Brian Thompkins.

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