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Are you searching to find the best clothing tailoring and alterations in Raleigh, NC?  You may be wondering, “Where can I find the best custom tailor near me?” There are probably many tailor shops that are near you, but how do you know which is the best? Will they take the time to do your special tailoring the right way, or will they rush through, just to get to the next client? While there are several dry cleaners or other tailoring companies that offer tailoring services, there is only one that offers their own designer brand, alterations, repairs and will custom make whatever piece of clothing you need. Even if it means helping you design & develop your OWN brand!  All skilled sewing service companies have their own level of professionalism and expertise, and for that reason, we have set out to help you choose the best custom tailor in Raleigh to meet your needs.  We have researched the Raleigh market and have found the best Tailor & Alteration Company along with a list of critical questions for you to ask your tailor.  

For your consideration, we present to you:

SmartGuy® Best Custom Tailor & Alterations in Raleigh, North Carolina is:

Michael Iji Custom Design & Tailoring Studio
Michael Iji
Raleigh, NC
(919) 694-5440

Although we have researched for you by finding the best tailor in the Raleigh community area, you may want to ask your tailor some pointed questions to solidify our selection. Your clothing is important when you are sending a message about who you are. You need to have a good idea of what you want. When you do your research, you will be able to explain to the tailor exactly what you are looking for.     

 Here are a few things you can do or ask before hiring a Tailoring Company: 

Who or where can I go to get some recommendations? - Most men are not selective in choosing their tailor and may stay with their current tailor only because they are unaware of a better option. Most men do not understand what proper fit really means.  A tailor or seamstress may be receiving high praise only because of the cluelessness of their clients.  Just because someone calls themselves a tailor or seamstress, they may not know everything about men’s style or can assess your proper fit.

Who among your friends are smart and sharp dressers? These are the people you should ask for tailor recommendations. You can ask a woman too, but be aware that the way clothes fit on a man versus the way they should fit on a woman is very different. A skilled woman seamstress does not necessarily have the right skills to tailor men’s clothing. 

If you see someone wearing something you really like and it looks great, ask them where they had it tailored. And remember, word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and to get a true review.

What are the tailor’s communication skills? –This is not a question for the tailor, but for you to observe and listen when you talk to the tailor on the phone or in person. The tailor should have good communication skills.  Do they listen to you, or are they trying to push in a direction you know you don’t want to go down?  Do they have time to talk, or are they in a rush?  – When you communicate with your tailor, they need to understand exactly what you want to be accomplished.  

When is the tailor satisfied - There is only one answer here: when you are satisfied, then the tailor should also be satisfied.  This doesn’t mean that a skilled tailor or seamstress always gives you what you want or doesn’t make mistakes – no, a tailor worth keeping is one who learns what your idea of the perfect fit is and constantly works to achieve this.

Does the tailor understand Style and Timeless fashion?  – Ask if your tailor or seamstress understands classic men’s style. Although many skilled tailors are experts at building anything you can imagine, their eye for what color fabric or style of jacket suits a man is often at odds with reality. Your understanding of what makes the Best Tailor and your foundation in classic men’s style, you should be able to figure out quickly if the tailor possesses an eye for timeless fashion.

Does the tailor have samples of their work?  - Ask your tailor for samples of some of their work, like custom shirts or tailored shirts - Pictures, example pieces, alteration miracles – you are looking for samples of their work that validate the tailor’s claims of their talent.  If the overall garment looks good, spend a few minutes studying the details. Does the stitching look secure and clean? Are the build and silhouette something you want in your clothing? Be wary of a tailor who doesn’t have anything to show you or doesn’t have a lot of happy customers to refer you to.

Does the tailor work in an emergency? - The best tailors are very busy people, and unfortunately, wait times of more than a month are not unheard of. Ideally, you want a tailor who can attend to your emergency needs, especially when you need a quick fix before an important appointment or event.  Most tailors will accommodate emergencies, knowing it creates loyalty and goodwill.  You want to find a skilled tailor who can help you realize your vision of the perfect custom fit. Saving twenty dollars and not getting what you want is a waste of money – spend a little more and get exactly what you want.

Can the tailor do difficult cuts? Call and ask if they can shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder. This is one of the more difficult alterations. It's a true distinction between a seamster and a tailor.

Do you allow clients to check out your design studio before hiring you? – Ask if you can visit the Store –Look around. Would you be grossed out if someone dropped your garment on the floor? The best tailors have the cleanest store. It's a sign they care about presentation. They're not lazy or sloppy.

Give Them A Test Run - Give them a garment that you don't really love... If they're worth their stitches, they'll notice how everything fits—not just what you asked to be altered. The impressive and best tailors are ones that recommend more alterations. They should be checking out the rise, adjusting the shoulders on your shirts where the seam is on your shoulder bone, which in turn helps the sleeve length, and move your cuff buttons to make your shirt cuffs more comfortable.  But only the best tailors will notice wrinkles in the back of your jacket and know how to alter the fabric, so it drapes properly on your body.

Build Relationships between you and the tailor -If your tailor passes the above tests, then feel free to come back with more difficult alterations. Pay attention to how your relationship develops. Do they remember your name? Do they remember your style preferences, or do they just push what they think looks proper?  Once you find a great tailor that understands you but also nudges you in the direction of a better fit for you, then you could show appreciation to them by writing a great review on their favorite review site. Remember, people do business with those who they really know, like, and trust.  

More about our choice of Michael Iji and Michael Iji Custom Design & Tailoring Studio

Michael Iji is our selection for the Best Custom Tailor & Alteration Company in Raleigh, NC area to go to for custom-made-for-your body shirts, pants, vests, ties and more.  Or for any alterations, you may need.  The bespoke-tailored clothing of MICHAEL IJI is custom-measured to fit your body to perfection. With the superior quality, attention to detail, and personally handcrafted styling to fit each client, you will be the one turning heads at your next event, whether it be a meeting, a social event or a wedding. 

Many companies can offer general sewing & alterations. Still, there is only one internationally trained designer that can create your one-of-a-kind custom shirt, pants, or even dresses, tops, and skirts for ladies.  Michael will also alter and tailor any of your favorite clothing you may have or your just-purchased had-to-have items that still don’t fit quite right.  If you need contract sewing, Michael is the go-to contract sewing tailor for you.  When it comes to formal bespoke menswear like shirts, bow ties, and long ties, vests, and slacks, Michael is the answer.  As the best tailor in Raleigh, NC, Michael will design and/or custom fit all menswear. With his professional tailoring, refitting, restyling, and alterations services, he can alter and repair all types of clothing, including leather, handbags, furniture coverings, & more.

If you have a piece of clothing that must be hemmed, zipper repaired, need to take the waist in or out, buttons fixed, install or repair linings, Michael can do it all.  Have an older piece of clothing that you love and want to bring it up to date, Michael will restyle skirts, dresses & more. At MICHAEL IJI, care is taken to provide their customers with high-quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Michael Iji, the best tailor in the Raleigh community, creates without patterns, so you can be sure that your design will be measured and made just for you. 

Since 1992, MICHAEL IJI has been designing fashion with a personal touch and an international flair! Through cities and countries in Africa, Western Europe & North America, MICHAEL IJI's custom-designed menswear has gained him praise from satisfied clients from Michigan to Arizona, and from Italy to Nicaragua. He moved to Italy in his mid-twenties, where he developed a strong affinity for designing native wear for Italians for nearly ten years, and later in the U.S., he found an audience interested in Italian fit custom shirts.  He continues to refine his international skill to make designer menswear under his name brand: MICHAEL IJI.

Michael Iji designs showcase bold and unique looks that are created expressly for you.  Michael brings together the traditional aspects of his cultural designs with the high fashion style of Italy. He incorporates the ideas of his clients into a personalized and unique fashion piece.

With all of his training, satisfied customers, and being recognized as the Best Custom Tailor in the Raleigh area, he is establishing his own name and brand on the world fashion scene.

Appreciation should go both ways, from you to the tailor, as mentioned above, and from the tailor to you in the form of a ‘thank you’ for your business.’  Look for that Real Christmas card next Christmas! 

​Michael invites you to his shop: and says: “I invite you to call and make a personal appointment for a visit and learn what and how I do what I love to do. Making you look great!  Making you stand out in the crowd is my passion and craft. I have honed my skills over about 30 years of sewing in three countries, and I continue to perfect my techniques of pant construction and shirt making here in the Triangle NC area. Designing clothing is exciting, fun, and fulfilling as I see ideas go from imagination to finished creation. I eagerly look forward to discussing your custom fashion needs with you!”

He recently opened a new design studio where he aims to earn your business with professionalism, honesty, style, and refined skill. Contact him and set up an appointment to stop by.

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