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Find the Best Certified Public Accountant in West Palm Beach near me 2019 Local CPA


Are you looking to find the Best Certified Accountant in West Palm Beach FL in 2019? Have you asked yourself where is a local CPA near me? While many certified accountants help you handle your financial matters, they all have their unique quality and expertise. How experienced are they in personal taxes, the latest tax law, tax preparation and tax consulting? Do they offer a free consultation? Because there are so many financial advisors in West Palm Beach, we set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. One of the questions asked, “Who is the Best Certified Accountant near me?” So, after searching for the Best Certified Accountant near us in the West Palm Beach community, and after careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Certified Accountant in West Palm Beach FL is:

LifeLine Tax

1601 Belvedere Road 104 E

West Palm Beach, FL USA, 33406

Hubert McIntosh

(561) 244-0062

Accountants have been trained in many disciplines in their profession. They provide services to large companies as well as small businesses.  

Basic Accounting

Accounting companies produce financial records, track your revenues and expenses, and provide consulting on your business's overall financial health. They help with long-range planning, help determine how to break even and what your cash-flow needs are. 


Some businesses may need a financial audit now and then. The bylaws of the company may require examinations of your financial records. Accounting firms conduct audits by examining financial records. The auditor reviews the processes and controls to ensure records are properly kept, that policies are being followed and financial practices help support business goals. The result of an audit is to provide an expert opinion on whether the financial statements are in order.

Tax Filing and Planning

Tax preparation and planning is a sought after and demanding specialty area. The Accounting firms you may be looking for should offer a range of tax services. When Tax laws change, you need an expert that can help you figure out any new tax codes to let you know about any new rules affecting an accounting statute. Filing your taxes on time, and helping you plan your future tax strategies rounds out this service.

Financial Advisory Services 

If you think you may need some business advice at some time, ask the trusted accounting firm you select if they do offer financial advisory services for businesses. They already know your business, tax, and financial situation, so it makes sense to use someone you know, like, and trust.  

Your trusted Certified Accountant can use their knowledge along with knowing your business situation to help with:

  • business planning
  • evaluating current operations
  • looking for new opportunities 
  • keeping you abreast of changes in the business and tax laws 
  • offering suggestions to help your business be more profitable and successful 
  • your insurance needs,
  • how to grow smarter and to the next level and how to make better financial decisions.

Specialty Services

All Accounting firms operate basically the same way but some may offer different services. Some may specialize in just doing yearly taxes, some do a lot more. When we looked for the Best Certified Accounting firm, we considered these other services:

  • Business Valuation - helps determine what your business is worth if you are thinking about selling, merging or being acquired
  • Information System Services -examines the integrity and security of your computer systems and the practices your company uses to process and protect information.
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting Services -investigate legal disputes, any illegal or fraudulent activity.

Would it be OK if we help you send less money to Washington D.C.? 

Of course, you say! Most people agree taxes are more complicated than ever and too high right?  Well, we are a Tax "Planning" Firm, not only a Tax "Preparing"  Firm. What's the difference?  Tax Preparing is recording history. Tax Planning is introducing strategies that will reduce your total tax.  Are you a  Business that has Tax Pain? We will help you reduce it. How do we do that? 

First, we diagnose your Tax Pain. Next, we write you a prescription. Then we fill the prescription or you can have your Tax Pro fill it. The prescription is actually a Formal Tax Plan or Blueprint which shows you how much we "Guarantee in writing" we will reduce your taxes. Then you have a choice. You can have your Tax Pro fill the prescription or you can have us, the ones who designed your plan "fill your prescription." Everybody says they want to pay "Fewer Taxes."  When is the last time your Tax Pro told you they have a strategy, not a deduction, to significantly reduce your taxes? 

Call Lifeline Tax today at 561-244-0062 to reduce your Tax Pain and request your Tax Planning Strategy.

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