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Are you looking for the Best Certified Public Accountant in Seattle, WA? 

Certified public accountants all have their unique financial skills and techniques for helping you through tax law, tax preparation, and financial consulting for your personal and business matters. 

There are many financial advisors in the Seattle community. How do you know which one offers the best service for your needs?

The frequent questions asked, "Who is the Best Certified Public Accountant in Seattle near me?" 

After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Certified Public Accountant in Seattle, WA is:

Adams, Craft & Ewing
701 5th Avenue
Seattle WA USA, 98104
(206) 501-3868 

There are many disciplines in the Accounting Profession. Large as well as small accounting firms offer the basics, and some specialize in tax law and financial strategic planning.

Accounting Basics

The essential services offered by the Certified Accountant are tracking your income and expenses and providing ongoing advice about how to break even and handle cash flow needs.

Financial Record Audits

Preparation for Financial auditing is part of the Certified Accountant. The company's bylaws and financial records may need to be examined.  Auditors review the company's control and procedures to ensure documents are in order and appropriately recorded. Their policies are carefully scrutinized to ensure that said policies have been followed and the outlined financial practices help support the goals of the business. Expert opinion is given as to whether the financial statements are in order.

Businesses rely on the tax preparation and planning services offered by the best Certified Accounting firm.  

Certified accounting firms should offer their clients a range of tax services. 

Services should be keeping up to date with Tax laws changes; helping the business through the maze of figuring out how these new rules affect their business practices. 

The Certified Accounting firm helps the business plan its future tax strategies. Tax Filing should be made on time and without penalties.

Financial Advisory Service 

Certified Accountants can use their financial knowledge to evaluate your financial needs and strategic plans to

•    identify future financial goals and strategies

•    examine and evaluate current business operations

•    seek new opportunities to grow

•    be the watchdog for changes in the business industry and tax laws 

•    introduce recommendations to help your business increase profitability

Additional Specialized Services

We also looked at these other accounting services:

  • Business Valuation - Answers the questions, what is my business worth? Is the business ready to sell, merge or be acquired by another entity?
  • Information System Services - What is the level of the business' security and integrity of their technical systems. What are their practices to secure access to their computer and the internet? What systems are in place to protect their information?
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting Services -investigate legal disputes, any illegal or fraudulent activity.

More about Adam, Craft & Ewing

Adam, Craft & Ewing has over 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. They have honed their skills and abilities to lower your tax burden and offer you protection against other lawyers and lawsuits. They have serviced over one thousand personal and corporate clients, and have insider knowledge of IRS practices and procedures. It offers expertise in the area of international taxation and transactions; and are a part of a nationwide specialized attorney referral service. 

Adam, Craft & Ewing offers Seattle’s personal and business community.”

  • Strict and confidentiality and privacy. 
  • Unlimited access to their staff’s consultation services. 
  • Private Client Only Websites and online seminars
  • Audit defense services, as well as the services, mentioned above

Its quality of service is focused on providing its clients with the best accounting and tax services at affordable rates. Find out more about Adam, Craft & Ewing and their team of expert certified public accountants by visiting the following website.

Best Certified Public Accountant in Seattle WA