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Looking for the Best Certified Public Accountant in Miramar, FL? Certified accountants all have their unique financial skills and techniques to assist you through tax law, tax preparation, and financial advice on your personal and business matters. There are many financial advisers in the Miramar community. How do you know which one is offering the best service to meet your needs?

Frequently asked questions, "Who is the best-certified accountant near me?"

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SmartGuy® Best Certified Public Accountant in Miramar, Florida, is:

CAS Assurance LLC
3600 South State Road 7
Miramar FL USA, 33023

There are many disciplines in the Accounting Profession. Large as well as small accounting firms offer the basics.

Accounting Basics

The key services provided by the Certified Accountant are to monitor the profits and expenditures and provide continuous guidance on how to break even and handle cash flow needs.

Financial Record Audits

Preparation for financial audit is part of the Certified Accountant. The company's by-laws and financial statements can need to be checked. The auditors shall review the processes and procedures of the organization in order to ensure that the records are properly registered and preserved. Our policies are closely reviewed to ensure that these policies have been implemented and that the financial strategies outlined help to support the goals of the company. Expert opinions are issued as to whether the financial statements are in order.

Businesses rely on the planning services and tax preparation skills of the best-qualified accounting firm.

Certified accounting firms provide their clients with a variety of tax services.

Certified accounting firms stay up to date with changes to tax legislation; guide companies navigate the labyrinth to find out how these new laws impact business practices.

The Best Professional Accounting firm is helping the company prepare its future tax strategy. Tax filings will be made on time and without fines.

Financial Advisory Service 

Certified Accountants may use their financial expertise to determine financial needs and strategic plans.

  • identify financial goals and strategies for the future
  • current business operations are examined and evaluated 
  • new opportunities to grow are investigated
  • act as the client's watchdog monitoring the business industry and tax laws 
  • present recommendations affecting business profitability

Additional Specialized Services

The best Certified Accountant also offers the following services:

  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting Services - day-to-day activities are carefully investigated for potential legal disputes and any illegal or fraudulent practices.
  • Business Valuation - Identifies the value of the business. Presents a plan to identify if the company is ready to sell, merge, or be acquired by another entity.
  • Information System Services - What is the level of the business' security and integrity of their technical systems. What are their practices to secure access to their computer and the internet? Are there systems in place to protect their information?

More about CAS Assurance LLC in Miramar

The founder of CAS Assurance is Michael O. Bayere, CIA, CISA, CISSP, CPA. Michael draws on his strong experience and skills in helping individuals, business owners, and executives meet their tax, accounting, and information security needs. He offers professional insights that help reduce tax liabilities, achieve better-operating efficiencies, optimally handle risks, enhance enforcement posture, and achieve better overall performance.

Specialize in the following areas:

  • Taxes: CAS accountants leverage their expertise, dedication, experience, and continuing education to maintain up-to-date awareness of the diverse and nuanced U.S. tax code to provide you with the tools you need for your tax returns, strategic tax preparation, and problem-solving with the IRS.
  • Accounting: Whether you have a start-up, a through or a mature company, we have the experience to help you out. Through offering timely service and thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations, we will keep you ahead of government deadlines, retain order in your internal financial processes, and then the headaches that come with the ownership of a company.
  • Advisory: Responsibility for the security of information resources and the achievement of regulatory enforcement is becoming increasingly difficult in this digital age. CAS accountant staff come in to provide the necessary professional assistance and insight needed to play safe.
  • Assurance: CAS goes beyond number crunching, auditing, updating, and recording. Its comprehensive service gives you the benefit of real-world staff expertise, experience, and perspectives that will prove invaluable to your reporting process. That way, you can continue to pass on requisite assurance to your stakeholders.

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Best Certified Public Accountant in Miramar