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Have you been searching to find the best Barbecue Equipment & Supplies in Brisbane QLD? Or asking yourself where can I find cheap barbecue equipment & Supplies near me? There are several to select from in the Brisbane Area and it takes time to find the best Barbecue Equipment & Supplies for you. We have saved you lots of time by doing the research for you.

Finding the right Grill for You.

Having a barbeque with family, friends, and neighbors is just part of enjoying your backyard.  Even with the best chefs or chefs in training, the success of the meal you prepare can often come down to the type and quality of your grill. 

Types of grills: 

  • Gas - More convenient - you simply turn the burners on to start the grill.
  • Charcoal -You can control better —you determine the amount of heat by the size of the fire you build. 

More than just Burgers.

If you want to cook burgers and hot dogs a basic gas grill that's fine, if you're going to grill fish and sizzling steaks, and maybe get those sear marks, you will need to look at the temperature range of the different grills available. The higher the temperature, the better the grill is at cooking a variety of foods. Also, if ribs or a roast are on the menu, see if the grill does well for Indirect cooking. Grilling is a way of slow-cooking large or tough cuts of meat. You would place the meat next to the fire, not over it, with the lid closed to retain heat.

The Heat of your Grill.

BTU/HR (British thermal units per hour) measures the amount of gas a grill uses and the heat that it creates.  BTU/HR may not be the best measure of how well a particular gas grill would sear your steak or how fast the grill will heat up.  There are independent studies that found that more BTU doesn’t necessary guarantee faster preheating or better cooking.  Do your research to find a model that scores well in preheating test. 

Your Grill Burners.

Burners are the most replaced part. You can expect them to last between 2-10 years, depending on the manufacturer. If no guarantee, don’t expect them to last as long as a one with a 10-year guarantee.  Replacing them is usually an easy job.  Before you select your grill, ask if the company stocks or that you can get replacement parts quickly.

Infrared, Good or Bad?

Today, many gas grills come with infrared burners.  Infrared burners are meant to use intense heat to sear steaks or chops. Independent test has proven that grills that come with Infrared Burners don’t necessarily sear any better than a typical gas burner. Instead, look at the temperature-range to see if the one you are considering buying can reach high searing temperatures as well as low temperature for indirect cooking.

How well built is the Grill? 

Look for solid construction when shopping. Be a little aggressive when checking it over and shake it a little.  If it is of good quality construction, you should feel it. Be sure to check the wheels, lid, firebox, and cart. Stainless steel carts or even painted steel with seamless construction and welded joints are usually sturdier than ones assembled with nuts and bolts. Check the wheels to see if it is easy to move. You will want to move your grill from time to time.  See if the wheels or casters on all four corners or legs make a grill easier to maneuver. Wheels with a full axle are better to maneuver than those bolted individually to the frame.

Think of Safety too.

A well-constructed sturdy grill will last many grilling seasons, and they are safer, too. If a grill is stable, it can prevent tipping. Try not to buy a grill with sharp metal corners and edges.  Check the handle. Think about when you lift it.  The handle's construction should be so when you lift it above the heat; it is not a safety hazard. The greater the distance between the grates and the burners, the fewer flare-ups.

Size of your Grill.

Grill manufacturers usually differentiate models by the number of burners. But that doesn’t necessarily tell you the size of the grill and is not useful data to use for comparison. Instead, check the size of the cooking surface. Figure out how many burger patties the grill cooking surface will fit. That will be the size of your grill.