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Want to find the best auto wraps in Owensboro, KY? Want to learn how to pick the best? A ton of things to remember. First, let's continue with the basics.

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What are Auto Wraps Used For?

An auto cover or vehicle vinyl cover is a full vinyl graphic or decal which is placed directly over the vehicle's original paint. The wrap framework helps you to adjust the design of the auto within a reasonably short time frame. It can also be removed easily so that the vehicle can return to its original state. The wrap can be a different color than what was on the body, often the same color with a different finish, such as wax, matte or protective coating, or sometimes white-with no color. Some people use the term Paint Cover, Color Shift Cover, Vehicle Graphics, and Paint Safety Film rather than an auto wrap.

History of Auto Wrapping Process

Wraps had been used for advertising a vehicle company. As their popularity increased, wrap installers performing advertising types of vinyl began to realize that in addition to mere advertising, there were a variety of benefits. For example, as a means of improving an auto's color, or getting a new finish, or even to preserve the paint better over time. Vinyl wrap manufacturers embraced this new trend by manufacturing more shades and finding more simple, durable materials to mount. Auto lovers today order intricate and innovative graphic designs and exceptional finishes, such as silver, chrome, and even color-changing wraps that can make the auto look different depending on your vision.

The Process 

  • Chemical Solvents - Cast vinyl is the most frequently used material that begins as a liquid and is formed into a sheet or shape and then processed through ovens, which evaporates the liquid solvents. What remains is a solid film typically thick between 2 mils (useful in printable media) and four mils (suitable for solid color).
  • Adding the Wrap - When it comes to applying an auto cover, there are three main stages. The first is the design process, which requires precise measurements for the vehicle and the graphics to be implemented in the desired design. The second is the step of production where the image is printed and then laminated to protect the vinyl against abrasions and UV rays that may cause graphics to fade over time. 
  • Installation - The vinyl is finally added. Wrapping an auto usually only takes 1-2 days, and you can leave a wrap for up to five years on a vehicle.
  • Risks in Wrapping a Truck or an Auto - Vehicle wraps do not affect factory paint jobs in most situations and do not stick to rust. However, it's essential to know that if your vehicle has any paint chipping when removed, a cover might take the chipping off the paint. If it is a leased auto or truck, you must always get permission to cover a leased auto or a rented one. However, it shouldn't be a concern because most leased or rented vehicles have factory paint jobs with outstanding paint quality.

More about Signs by Gina in Raleigh 

For over 20 years, Signs by Gina has been offering its customers fast and excellent turn around in providing them with their desired auto wraps.

Signs by Gina's shop has three certified installers that have been to school for wrapping. Wrapping calls for a lot of prep work cleaning and they don't show that most of the time but you will see that most take apart the auto to get to all body parts like lights, mirrors door parts, and trim. Designing a wrap is the most important part of the services offered by Signs By Gina. 

Wraps make money for all the vinyl manufacturers involved, the printer, the installer, and the business that paid for it that is the one that makes the most of it. See all the materials and vinyl, printing and assembling are mist many commodities. But when you buy all these as commodities prices but make a return on that investment in advertising you as a company owner you are getting advertising at vinyl prices.

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