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Looking to find the best streaming service in Manchester? Want TV Cable Alternatives in Manchester NH? Check out envyTV. You can even build your own live streaming service business in Manchester with this. For this reason, we have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. What are their special features? What internet streaming experience do they have? How cheap is the monthly fee? After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV in Manchester NH is:

Hope Solutions


Manchester NH USA, 03105

Contact: Melodee Minasian


What to expect in the Streaming Television business?

In today’s fast-changing communication market, streaming television is biting into cable networks. More and more individuals are downloading apps and gaining access to over 1,000 channels that they can choose to watch. They have the flexibility to connect their app to up to three devices. As this business took off, it also opened the need for more business associates to spread the word and bring in referrals. You start as a customer and then graduate to become a referral associate and possibly an Affiliate marketing business partner.

Benefits as a consumer

As a consumer, you can watch over 1,000 local and international channels. For EnvyTV subscription service you pay $49.97 per month. There is no contract, and it’s the same price month-to-month. There are no activation or cancellation fees. You do not have to be concerned with credit checks. If you already have cable internet service, you can cancel a portion of your current package, and keep the necessary internet portion of your package.

Why is the subscription so cheap?

  • Free download of the EnvyTV app
  • Elimination of installing wiring for your cable or dish
  • The app works directly with your internet service
  • Because EnvyTV is built on a referral system consisting of Affiliate marketing experts and team members, no high overhead.

How does Internet Streaming and EnvyTV app work together?

The newest gadgets that work with the EnvyTV program is called a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. The FireStick is plugged into your Television or Communication device such as smart TVs, Apple, PC, Mac, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones (Android and ISO) and the latest versions of Android devices. You will need an adapter plug for the Fire TV Stick. You can purchase both from Amazon or your local electronic stores. You do not need a cable box to use these devices. You will, however, experience very low maintenance if you have to reset the cache in your device. Just shut the system down and then turn it back on. Be careful of generic brands, and they have caused problems with some connections.

Setting up your EnvyTV app is easy.

  • Sign up online.
  • Download the App from the EnvyTV website.
  • Plug in your FireStick (if needed) and you’re ready to go.


Participating in the EnvyTV Referral program allows you to get your service for free, as well as, earn residual income. You can earn a $10 per month monthly bonus as long as your friend or family member keeps their subscription. When you reach your fifth referral, you will receive a one-time $50 bonus. 

Benefits of an EnvyTV Affiliate Membership

Have you dreamed of having a home-based business? EnvyTV has a program which allows you to build a home-based business. This income opportunity is generous in its compensation plan. You can be sure you are offering internet streaming service that people can enjoy. Lives have changed because of this business opportunity.  Affiliate Marketing Business Partners receive:

  • A compensation plan which generously awards them for their results and pays them six different ways.
  • Confidence they are providing their community of consumers whose wants and needs are met
  • Training in a well-thought out and executed business model.

More about Melodee Minasian and EnvyTV in Manchester

Melodee Minasian has been in multiple businesses and has experience in team building. She is aware of the benefits of taking advantage of network marketing and business opportunities. Melodee and her marketing affiliate team receive and give great support and service. 

Internet TV Streaming Service opportunity opens your lifestyle options. Members will enjoy the:

  • Tax advantages of owning their own business
  • They can work whenever and wherever they choose
  • They have more time to spend with their family
  • With financial freedom, they can take advantage of other pursuits

So, if you are in the Manchester community, contact Melodee for more information.

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