Find Best Travel Agency in Calgary in 2019 Who to Choose


Are you looking for the Best Travel Agency in Calgary AB Canada in 2019? While there are a number of travel agencies in the area, they all have their own unique quality and expertise. For this reason, we have set out to help you in choosing the best one to meet your needs. After careful consideration, here is our choice.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Travel Agent in Calgary AB Canada is:

What to look for.

First, you want the best travel agency to be responsive to your first call. You want them to be professional and responsive to your needs They will take your information over the phone and is be able to assist you immediately. If you are not in a hurry, they can research possible vacation packages for you, and let you know of upcoming deals. They will professionally handle inquiries and ask the appropriate questions to ensure your reservation is 100% complete and correct.

Some of the questions they will most likely ask you are:

Where do you want to travel to?

When do you want to leave?

What transportation do you desire?

Do you want connecting flights or trains?

How long will you be staying?

How many in your travel group?

The advantages of using a travel agency versus an online travel site is an agent can give you immediate and personalize satisfaction with your reservations. The online travel sites are limited in the personalize services they can offer.

They cannot:

  • Build an ongoing relationship with you, knowing your every personal need. If you are a special needs person or traveling with someone who has special needs, an online travel site will not be able give you that special treatment.
  • The online site will not call you back with better or upcoming deals. 
  • The online site will not automatically search for alternative transportation if you do not like the airlines they have listed. A knowledgeable travel agent will dig further to find an airline with which you are comfortable.
  • An online site will not be able to handle groups of travelers. The best travel agency will be able to orchestrate the best possible seating arrangement for your group.

It’s a fact, working with the best travel agency possible gives you a sense of relief and confidence that your travel arrangements will go smoothly. You have someone you have a person relationship with and can reach out to if there is a snag in your plans

If you are looking for those special travel experiences, you want to work with someone who has aligned themselves with travel locations that give you a once in a lifetime experience and adventure.

More about Courageous Travel

The best travel agency in Calgary is Courageous Travel. Their travel agent Crystal is waiting and eager for your call. Using Courageous Travel’s travel packages, Crystal will design a travel experience that will take you to wildlife encounters, but she will also encourage you to travel to locations around the world where you volunteer and help the community you travel to. It is not uncommon for you to take a break from your vacation to help with putting up solar panels, teaching dance, building playgrounds, and tree houses. 

Crystal sets you up with Courageous Travel’s wildlife package, which takes you to places where you encounter mountain gorillas, feed a giraffe, swim with whale sharks and care for orphaned baby animals such as sloths, chimpanzees, elephants, and lions. 

Courageous Travel offers the most unusual and ultimate vacation experience. You can tour wildlife preserves. Travel to countries around the world and relax on a traditional vacation. Take a few hours away from your vacation and volunteer. Go on a safari and get up close and personal with giraffe, elephants and other wildlife. Adventure traveling is what they specialize in. Once you experience this travel opportunity designed by the Best Travel Agency in Calgary, you will make it an annual event.