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Best Royalties Representative in Scottsdale AZ Proximity Marketing near me


Are you looking for a way to reach customers and new business partners in Scottsdale? Is the prospect of teaming up with a Royalties Representative in Scottsdale, AZ attractive to you? Do you travel throughout the community of Scottsdale daily?

Allow us to introduce you to this company’s representative:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Royaltie Representative in Scottsdale, Arizona, is:

Deb Amburn
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(712) 796-8366

How does Proximity marketing work?

Royaltie Gem’s Proximity All-In-One Marketing Platform works on all electronic devices. Royaltie utilizes wireless technology to broadcast a company’s advertising message to nearby devices. As you carry your Royaltie Gem in your pocket, purse, or key chain:

It promotes your business automatically. 

It is FCC compliant device and is considered non-intrusive marketing.

The Royaltie Notification Network gives you the opportunity to use proximity marketing, a new marketing method which reaches everyone with your marketing message.  There are no limitations on how proximity marketing works. Using the Royaltie Gems to broadcast your advertising message or images is the newest method of attracting new customers. No matter where you are, in a stadium full of people; walking through the mall; or driving down a busy street. It will communicate with prospects and potential new customers automatically. 

Royaltie's proximity gem actually triggers high-quality advertisements on the most popular websites and apps in the world. 

  • Google 
  • YouTube 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • USA Today
  • Forbes 
  • Yahoo 
  • AOL 
  • CNN
  • And many more.

Just think. Your marketing messages will broadcast to all types of devices. It doesn't care if you have Android or iPhones. It will still communicate with desktops laptops, and tablets, allowing you to use this technology anywhere in the world.

The Royaltie Proximity Ads can have text and images and will be delivered through the Royaltie Notification Network to 100’s of the most popular websites and apps.

How Royaltie Gems benefit your business.

Brick and Mortars

You can attract new customers to your restaurants, salons, fitness clubs, and boutiques. Broadcast special offers to everyone walking by…straight to their smartphone. 

Realtors and other Entrepreneurs

While you are driving in your car, you promote your business and events wherever you go. 

Realtors - Keep a Royaltie Gem at each active home listing for 24/7 marketing to anyone walking by.  Make sure you place one on your open house signage. The opportunities are endless.

Service Providers

Royaltie Gems work well for all industries. Where ever you travel from customer to customer or business to business, your broadcast moves with you. Put a Royaltie Gem in your vehicle, and it will be your best ride or die, partner. Trust it to make you well-known in the communities you travel through.

What else can be expected from Royaltie?

Your Royaltie Gem broadcast sends the individuals recipients to your Royaltie Website, and they even receive email autoresponders for those who enter their information. Marketing is all about the old fashion call and response. Royaltie Gem calls attention to your business brand. It invites the recipient to visit your website for more information. When they respond, you can further communicate with them via thoughtfully clear message about your business’ products and services. It will set off your follow-up campaign.

Over 200,000 businesses are currently using the Royalties Proximity Marketing Platform.

Who else is using Proximity Marketing?

Entrepreneurs/solopreneurs are signing up for proximity marketing because it is so flexible and fast to set up. In addition to entrepreneur/soloprenuers, the biggest chain stores are using it to attract passersby.  The list is growing. 

  • Rite Aid 
  • Woolworths 
  • Target 
  • Macy’s
  • Urban Outfitters
  • American Eagle Outfitters 
  • Oscar Mayer 
  • McDonald’s  
  • Walgreens 
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Best Buy 
  • Walmart 
  • Kenneth Cole 
  • Nordstrom
  • And Many More.

More about Deb Amburn and Royaltie

Deb Amburn is Scottsdale’s Royaltie representative. Reach out to Deb if you would like to find out more about how Royaltie has helped her build her marketing consulting business.  She can tell you about the benefits both she, and her customers have experienced adding Royaltie proximity marketing as one of her primary business tools.

Best Royaltie Representative in Scottsdale