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Are you looking for a way to reach customers and new business partners in Scottsdale? Is the prospect of teaming up with a Royalties Representative in Scottsdale AZ attractive to you? Do you travel throughout the community of Scottsdale daily? Allow us to introduce you to this company’s representative:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Royaltie Representative in Scottsdale, Arizona, is:

Deb Amburn
Scottsdale AZ USA, 85260
(712) 796-8366

Royaltie Then--

Many companies, like Royatie, over recent years, have relied on Proximity marketing to advertise their business and gain new customers. Royaltie is one company whose marketing gems helped many businesses grow. No matter where they traveled, or where ever the gems were placed, their advertisement or message was delivered to everyone by wireless transmission.

Royaltie Gem’s Proximity All-In-One Marketing Platform worked on all electronic devices. Royaltie utilizes wireless technology to broadcast a company’s advertising message to nearby devices. As you carry your Royaltie Gem in your pocket, purse, or key chain:

It promotes your business automatically. It is FCC compliant device and is considered non-intrusive marketing. The Royaltie Notification Network allowed you to use proximity marketing, a new marketing method which reaches everyone with your marketing message. There are no limitations on how proximity marketing works. Using the Royaltie Gems to broadcast your advertising message or images is the newest method of attracting new customers.

No matter where you are, in a stadium full of people; walking through the mall; or driving down a busy street. It will communicate with prospects and potential new customers automatically.

Royaltie Now--

The challenge with the Royaltie Proximity Gem, it had to be physically within the perimeter of your targeted area. Recently, Royaltie improved on Proximity Marketing by introducing its internet mobile Adpins. If you liked Royaltie's Proximity Marketing, you will be overwhelmingly pleased with their new Geo Marketing Platform. You’ve heard the saying, “Stick A Pin in it?”

Geo Marketing is a form of marketing which utilizes location intelligence to reach the right consumer with specifically targeted messages at the right time. The most common factor is location data or awareness uses the geo element to achieve this marketing effort.

Have you ever received a survey asking how you felt about the supermarket, gas station, or restaurant you frequented at any given time or day? Geo-targeted marketing delivers these surveys to your computers and smart devices. Well, that is what Royaltie’s Geo Marketing allows you to do. You select the area you want to canvas, and the Geo Marketing AdPin will do the work for you. Adpins identify the desired marketing locations. No matter where your home base is, you select the targeted areas to reach your customers. Royaltie allows you to advertise on any website at a low monthly price and have it seen in your neighborhood or city (local or worldwide). You can place an ad on: 

  • Facebook,
  • ESPN
  • Instagram
  • Univision
  • CNN
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • YouTube
  • Google

and thousands of the most popular apps and websites in the world. You have access to Geo-targeting, landing pages, Analytics, and FREE leads too. 

More about Deb Amburn and Royaltie

Deb Amburn is Scottsdale’s Royaltie representative. Reach out to Deb if you would like to find out more about how Royaltie has helped her build her marketing consulting

business. Deb can tell you about the benefits both she, and her customers have experienced adding Royaltie Geo marketing as one of her primary business tools.

Best Royaltie Representative in Scottsdale