Best Residential Real Estate Agent in San Francisco CA 2019


Are you looking for the Best Residential Real Estate Agent in San Francisco CA 2019? While there are quite a number of real estate agents in San Francisco CA, there are things to help you in considering which might be the best agent to choose. After all, for most people, the purchase of sale of their home is the largest single investment they will make. For this reason, it is critical they choose a realtor in San Francisco that will best represent them effectively whether buying a bom in San Francisco or selling a home. Of course, you want to use a San Francisco real estate agent that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, skilled, and experienced.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Residential Real Estate Agent in San Francisco is:

Lee Bender
1880 Lombard Street
San Francisco CA USA, 94123
+1 (415) 793-6698 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in San Francisco or the surrounding areas,  you will probably need to find a good local real estate agent to assist you. But, how do you go about finding a good real estate agent? Most people you ask will probably tell you to ask their family and friends, or possibly some of their neighbors. But what if they don't know a realtor or are new to the neighborhood, then what? You might be tempted to simply pick a random real estate agent out of the phone book, but might accidentally hit on a shady or unreliable one. 

(While there are quite a few real estate agents in San Francisco, we had to choose one. Here are some of the  factors you should use when selecting the best Residential Real estate agent  in San Francisco. 

Are they a good fit

As you probably know,  most consumers begin their search for an agent by going online to local real estate websites. If you do so, be sure to view a bunch of real estate agents listings and see if they’re selling their listed homes on a somewhat consistent level. Also, try to find a real estate agent that is selling homes similar to yours or one you would like to buy or sell.  In other words if you are seeking a condo in San Francisco, find someone that sells a number of them. Or, if you are seeking a large home in San Francisco, find someone that sells large homes in San Francisco. 

Examine references and past closings

Ask the real estate agent you are considering for a list of their past clients and get in touch with a few of them to see how the agents performed. Most importantly, inquire how long it took them to sell or buy their home and what they did to sell it fast.

Reviews Count

Before hiring a local San Francisco real estate agent, look and see if they have a any online reviews. Websites like SmartGuy offer ratings to help hear what others think.

Designations and credentials 

Has the real estate agent has taken any additional or specialized classes? Some of the designations include: ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Completed additional education in representing buyers in transactions. CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed additional training in dealing and handling residential real estate, and more. Keep in mind that if an agent calls themselves a “Realtor” with a capital R, that they are a member of the NAR and formally pledges to support the code of ethics.

Spend some time with the agent

The chemistry between an agent and their client is paramount. This will help ensure a favorable result if their are some issues that come up and need to be resolved.. If you're working with a real estate agent who you do not get along with, this can result in unnecessary and unwanted tension during an already stressful process. Make sure you understand and get along with the agent  

More about San Francisco Real estate Agent Lee Bender:

Looking for the Best Residential Real Estate Agent in San Francisco CA? Look no further. Having always been an innovator, Lee was the first woman to receive a doctorate in psychology from the University of Alabama, as well as being one of only six female plaintiffs who opened the doors for women and minorities at the Dolphin and South End Rowing Clubs in San Francisco. That occured while she was a Professor at the University of San Francisco, and established the first program for psychology students to work as volunteers in their local communities.

In terms of real estate, Lee initiated the 2-hour open house, which soon after replaced the 4-hour standard of that time. Again the perennial innovator, Lee was the first to use personal contact info in promotions such as for-sale signs, print ads, etc, despite considerable objection from The Company. Other pioneering practices Lee started include pre-sale home inspections, required as-is clauses and mandatory substantial deposits on sales agreements--all of which are now fully enshrined in realtors’ voluminous contracts--two pages in those days! 

Best Residential Real estate Agent in San Francisco