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Are you looking for the Best Moving Company in Calgary? While there are many movers in Calgary, there are things to help you in considering who to choose. For most, the contents of their home is precious and it is important to use a mover that is  knowledgeable, trustworthy, skilled, experienced, insured and of course timely.

SmartGuy® 2018 Best Moving Company in Calgary is:

Fast Friendly Careful Moving & Storage Company
PO Box 52052

Fast Friendly Careful Moving and Storage Company has been moving clients since 2005.  Whether you need to move the entire contents of a large home in Calgary or the surrounding areas, or are simply moving furniture or items between Calgary apartments, local seniors complexes or just have a small job of moving a few heavy items, they are one of the most popular moving companies in Calgary.  

(While there are quite a few movers in Calgary, we had to choose one. Here are some of the  factors we used to determine which are the best moving companies in Calgary..

Local referrals 

When looking for a mover in Calgary, one of the easiest ways to find one is through referrals. Whether you use a respected website like SmartGuy, a local Calgary business network or of course, you can ask your friends and neighbors that have used them in the past for similar jobs. This will help in avoiding bad movers. 


Make sure you choose a Calgary mover who has extensive experience in moving. If possible, for a list of local phone numbers of people to contact for references. Was their move done in a timely fashion? On budget? Were there any issues that occurred during the move?


Most moving companies carry some liability for the value of the goods they transport. However, there are different types and levels of coverage. Be sure to know and get a copy of the insurance they carry.

Written Estimate

Get a detailed written estimate of what the move will cost, including any extra material charges (boxes, tape, blankets, etc.). While you don’t expect to have a problem, it is good to be prepared just in case. Keep in mind that they are moving items that are valuable to you..

Minimal deposit

A respectable mover shouldn't require or even ask for a large deposit before moving, especially since most are paid by the hour. Often, it is in both parties interests to pay upon delivery. If you pay in advance, you have less control over the actual timing and quality of the move itself. Also, when you do pay for the move, it is a good idea to use a credit card, as this will help protect you from possible fraudulent activity.

Report any problems asap

In most cases, you only have a limited time to report any and all problems with the move to the moving company and file an insurance claim. So, it's not a good idea to leave some of the boxes unopened. Moving from one place of residence to another can be a seamless and simple transition; however, if you or the company you hire does not take the right steps, it can result in painful aggravation and a considerable expense. Better to invest some time finding a good moving company than picking a random name out of a phone book.

More about Fast Friendly Careful Moving & Storage Company:
Fast Friendly careful Moving and Storage takes to heart the needs of each customer as critical to their happiness.  The owner has built the company's reputation on being exceptional in the industry, such as by providing high quality moving floor runners & blankets, not just what is standard. Their team is experienced and professional and will work until your move is completed, using the right moving tools, moving trucks and moving equipment to help ensure a perfect and easy move. Knowing that your time is valuable and they appreciate it and show up to pack your belongings when you ask, stick to the schedule, don't waste time and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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