Best Italian Personal Chef in San Francisco CA 2019


Are you looking for the Best Italian Personal Chef in San Francisco CA in 2019? While there are quite a few personal chefs in San Francisco, they are not all the same. For this reason, there are many things to help you in choosing the best one for your specific needs. What is their specialty? What experience do they have? How flexible are they and much more. Well we are looking for the right one...

Here are some of the  factors we used in determine which is the best Italian personal Chef in San Francisco..


Training is a very important part of any personal chefs requirements. For many,  this training comes from a culinary school, but for others, it can be experience in the culinary profession. You want to make sure that the personal chef you select is trained in the specific need you require. For example, if you want primarily italian food or have specific dietary needs.


Nothing beats experience. Whether from a restaurant, catering company, corporate dining, or any other field, extensive experience is important. Most personal chefs are quite expensive and you deserve to get what your paying for. Make sure that the chef’s background should mirror your specific needs.  For instance, if you wish to host large events, the chef you select should have extensive experience in large scale catering events.


Do you like Italian food? French food? Are you a vegetarian? A qualified chef should be an expert in the cuisine your are looking at them to prepare. They should be able to offer a number of dishes, as well. Afterall, no one wants to eat the same dish every day.  If you favor a particular cuisine, you should be able  to request it and have confidence that it will be prepared properly.


Flexibility is another important aspect when choosing the best Italian chef in San Francisco. For many, their needs change from week or week or from day to day and any good chef should be able to accommodate them as best as he or she can. Whether it is a personal gourmet meal for two, or a large gathering of family and friends, a good chef should be flexible enough to handle it.


More than anything else, it is all about taste, right? Therefore, you must always try several dishes from a personal chef you are considering. Of course, you can get references, but everyone's taste is different. Most personal chefs would be more than happy to show you the delicious dishes they can prepare.


Chef and catering businesses should carry a business license.  They are required to have food safety certification and if they work from a commercial kitchen, it should be licensed and inspected by the city; check their record. Be wary if they are not certified.