15 Cleaning secrets only car detailers know

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Want to know 15 Cleaning secrets only car detailers know? Have you ever wondered why professional car detailers succeed in being able to make your car look extremely shiny, and then keep them looking that way for a long time? If you are someone who loves taking care of your car but are often left disappointed with the results that you get then you will certainly love these car detailing secrets the detailers tend to hold under their belts. These secrets will offer hints and tricks that will help you get the most out your washes, waxes, and polishes.

By learning how to perfectly detail your car, you will not only be polishing your vanity but you will also be doing a service to the longevity of the car thus maintaining its value. 

Dry glass will surface in two directions

It is often that one comes across an annoying streak when cleaning and drying their car that just wouldn’t budge. To help make the process easier develop a habit of drying the glass on the exterior side in one direction and the interior side of the other. You will be able to know whether the streak is on the inside or outside of the car by making this effort. 

Clean the top of the windows

Wind the windows to clean the topmost portion of the car. The excess product that builds up in the jamb would cause streaking and ripping. You can make sure that every inch of the car receives professional cleaning by winding down the windows. 

Treat the trim

The black plastic trim will require a different sort of care and maintenance in comparison to the rest of the body. To make sure that the plastic trim looks its best treat it with a black restoring product before you wax and polish the rest of the metalwork. 

Apply wax with power buffer

The best way to get professional results is to use the powder buffer. However, you need to know how to use one the right way as well. Using the buffer to remove the wax will lead to an uneven finish which is why you apply the wax with the power buffer. 

Plastic bag and the surface

Before you seal the paint with a new coat of wax make sure to check all the areas for dirt and abrasion. Put your hand in the standard plastic carrier bag and run it over the surface of the car.

The cloth type

Use microfiber cloths to rinse and dry your car’s paintwork, it will help you avoid risk of scratching or scrubbing

Dual action polisher

Use the right equipment to polish your car. Buy a dual action polisher which will iron out all the areas of abrasion and remove the layers of old wax.

Static electricity

Use static electricity to remove stubborn bits of dust and dirt. This will draw the bits up and out of the fibers which will later make it easier to remove them with a hoover. 

Brush the carpet first

Brush the carpet with a nylon brush in order to get rid of the annoying dirt and dust. This will agitate the fibers of the carpet and make it easier for you to remove the bits using a vacuum cleaner. 

Compressed air of vents

Use a can of compressed air to give the vents of the car a quick blast. This will remove the dust, dirt, and moisture that builds up on the inside of the air vents causing the stale and unbearable odors. 

The right soap

The DIYers love to use liquid dishwashing soap. However, the detergents are too harsh and suck the oil out of the car’s finish. Make sure to research into the soaps before making the purchase

Two buckets

One bucket should be of clean water and the other should be of soapy water. You should take alternative rounds using both to make sure that your car is washed well.

Synthetic wax

The synthetic wax will give your car the “wet look” and also help it last longer. The car dealers usually make sure to use the high quality synthetic wax when making your car.

Non silicone matte finish dash

It is best to use the non-silicone matter finish protectant so that it doesn’t leave a slick film on your dash thus obscuring your vision.

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