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Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing experience and being guided with ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas, you’ll enjoy personalised service, exciting marine encounters and colourful coral gardens.

Snorkeling with the family is a wonderful experience made so much better by having your own snorkel guide. Myriads of fish dart through the water, coming right up to your face, as if to welcome you to the reef. People of all ages will enjoy exciting marine encounters, which may even include a turtle, who regularly approach the surface to breathe, bringing them close to snorkelers and swimmers. Check our adventure snorkeling.

Partner guided snorkeling (your partner scuba dives and you snorkel)

This combination of one partner wanting to be spoilt with a guided snorkel and the other with guided diving is very popular. Our snorkeling destinations are equally mind blowing to our dive locations. Because our locations can be more remote this really lends itself to some spectacular snorkeling opportunities. Quite often the snorkel partner can follow the divers on the surface and see exactly whats going on down below. Being a guided snorkeller really enhances the whole experience and helps you to understand what you are actually seeing.

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