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Since 1985

Looking for the best social media consultants in Newark DE? One Smart Lady Productions is the Social Media Marketing leg of Gladstone Publishing Services which was founded in 1998 as a mainstream publishing company; and One Smart Lady Productions in 2014 addresses needs of the Independent Publishing market. 

Deborah is an Entrepreneur, Exclusive Business Network City Leader for Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington and Newark, DE. She is committed to reach out to support and spread the word about the businesses in her market area. 

As Publication Manager for SmartGuy® I know how important marketing is to the survival of a company. It's imperative that new businesses know the value of marketing. Individuals drafted in multi-level, direct sales and network marketing businesses by friends and family members are truly at the mercy of the person who brings them into the business. SmartGuy is the answer to invest in their business at a very affordable, cheap rate. Yes I said cheap. Cheap is not a bad word. Especially if you are building a business on a shoe string, and you cannot afford to pay a large SEO company or Marketing Director. Here is a suggestion. 1. Watch the YouTube Video. 2, Write a short essay about your business, who you and the people will benefit from your product or service. 3. Then go to and sign up. 4. Contact Jordan Wexler at if you still have questions. This is important if you do not have a personal website. Smartguy® will give you a editable web page which will have information about you and personal strategy for the business. You then have the ability to link to your mlm website which is designed to dispense information for everyone.

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Call 24/7 for information 1-888-921-3513

Enter Ext. 500 to hear how to get on Page One of Google.
Enter Ext. 540 to hear our Realtor's Promo Message

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200 Continental Drive Suite 401
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