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With over 120,000 companies in 6,500 plus cities worldwide, SmartGuy® is one of the world’s largest business directories & referral organizations, developed to help local consumers, businesses and communities thrive.

By empowering businesses with automated referral technology, local businesses can generate constant referral leads from one another, thereby reducing the need for expensive advertising. Local businesses can then pass this savings onto consumers in the form of lower prices and compete more effectively against large online and “Big Box” companies, which destroy local business, remove local jobs, reduce the quality of products and services, pay below poverty line wages and transfer the profits out of their community.

  • Are You a Business?

    If you are willing to provide quality service, refer other members and offer discounts to local consumers, Smart Guy can help your small businesses grow for FREE through our automated referral system. Upon adding your business into the directory, Smart Guy...Learn More

  • Become a City Leader

    Owning a home business is a big step. We want to make sure that this business opportunity meets your personal and professional objectives. Smart Guy has helped individuals worldwide achieve their income, lifestyle and legacy goals. We may be right for you too...Learn More

  • SmartGuy800

    800 Virtual Phone System with call tracking and captures caller’s phone number even if caller-ID blocked!

  • SmartGuySaver

    Generate more clients by sharing referrals with others through our proprietary 800 & SMS/Text technology!

  • SmartGuy Networks

    Run your own SmartGuy City Business Network and earn money while growing your business!

  • SmartGuy Events

    Listen, learn and interact as you learn great tips, strategies and tools to grow your business!

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