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Problems with Legs - Symptoms and Signs of Lack of Circulation

Several medical conditions can cause circulation problems with legs. Such conditions include kidney or heart disease, obesity or blood clots. The peripheral vascular ailment is a condition, which causes veins to harden or narrow affecting circulation in the legs, and could accompany diabetes or heart disorder. Someone with poor circulation in his or her legs can experience several symptoms in the legs.

Below is the outline comprising of the common symptoms and signs of poor circulation, which doctors find when diagnosing their patients. Impaired blood circulation within the legs is typically what dominates discussions whenever the doctor mentions circulation issues. When people are developing poor circulation in their legs, the signs and symptoms mentioned below are what they usually report to the physician.

  • Numbness in the feet: Before any of the other signs of impaired circulation, this is the first one to cause a concern among patients. One of the very first things that will prompt someone to visit a medical professional, particularly with the case of diabetes, is a persistent numbness or cramping in the feet.
  • Swelling: According to medical research, poor blood circulation can cause a backup of fluid in the legs. This condition is what the medics call peripheral edema. Swelling can take place in the feet, legs and ankles. A person having problems with legs may find the swelling aggravating with prolonged standing or sitting. A severe buildup of fluid in the legs may cause pitting edema that leaves a small dent or pit in the skin after pressing the swollen region with the finger. Pitting edema could point to further circulatory issues.
  • Pain: A reduced blood flow in the arteries through one's legs results to lack of oxygenation to the muscles in the legs. Without enough oxygen, leg muscles will not function accordingly. The muscles may ache, become painful or feel so fatigued during an exercise or exertion. Someone with poor circulation in their legs may encounter leg cramps while exercising. However, according to the American Heart Association, the cramps will subside as the person takes a rest. With time, discomfort and pain may occur whenever the legs are resting. An elevation of the legs may cause pain whereas hanging the legs on a chair of bedside can relieve the discomfort.
  • Ulcers: Circulation problems with legs can result to small sores known as ulcers on the skin surface. The person will at first, realize an itchy or burning sensation and these symptoms can finally graduate into ulcers. Ulcers may take longer to heal or could finally heal and recur. According to medical studies, ulcers resulting from poor circulation usually develop on a lower leg or feet.
  • Cool Skin: A reduced circulation from the heart to legs alters the ability of the body to control temperature, especially on the lower extremities. Feet and legs may be cool on touching. The skin below the toenails can be blue in color particularly when the legs are lower than the heart level, like when sitting. Legs may look pale too.
  • Claudication: Claudication refers to cramping or pain that occurs through the legs with exertion or exercise. It is the outcome of poor circulation in the legs and can affect one or both the legs, according to the latest medical research. The symptoms are fatigue, pain and aching in the calves when walking or running. Claudication may occur every time someone participates in physical activity. The symptoms of this condition usually resolve quick during a rest.
  • Low libido: Circulation problems can also affect libido. Good circulation of blood is among the necessary requirements of successful physical intimacy. When you have impaired circulation, body functions can be more difficult.



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