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Looking for Thousand Oaks, CA Roofing Contractor? American West specializes in installing the all new, state-of-the-art, Energy-Star, Title-24, Cool Roof. The Cool-Roof saves homeowner's a minimum of 50% on their heating and cooling costs, and it also gives them a $1,500.00 federal tax rebate! If you currently have a tile roof, you'll be able to say: "Good-bye" to termite damage, dry-rot, rat infestations, water damage, and leaks...and start saying: "Hello" to your brand new Cool-Roof! If your roofing contractor does not mention a Title-24, Energy-Star, yourself a favor and call me! My name is Wayne Croskery, and I am the owner of American West Roofing Contractors. I am licensed, bonded, insured, and I have been in business since 1992. I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. My Contractor's State License Board record is immaculate, and I have employed the same crew for the last 20 years. Call me. I am ready to work for you. Remember, estimates are always free! Roofing Contractor. Cool Roof specialist. Coatings, tile, repairs, re-roofs, additions, inspections. If you are in Thousand Oaks, CA and are looking for Roofing Contractor, please call 805-907-1107.

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