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Modet Academy, Inc.


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Looking for Best Modeling and Etiquette Classes in Orlando FL? Modet Academy's mission is to offer character education to enhance the life skills your child needs to succeed in the competitive world in which we live. We have a unique and practical character education program in which we teach etiquette refinement and modeling classes to the youth of today. Our blended approach traditional and "new-age" teaching, incorporate fun and exciting opportunities for students to learn several life skills in our character education program. Modet's vision is to build character, compassion, grace and understanding. We refine and reshape our students’ views and teach common courtesies towards those within our community. We look forward to reaching out to all in need of our character education program; it is vital to so many lives. Our character education program is specifically designed to meet the needs of each child in the program. We work with other organizations within the community to provide the children avenues to demonstrate to others all that they have achieved while being part of Modet. We encourage our students to always practice what they are taught as this will lead to a permanent way of life! Some say practice makes perfect we say practice makes PERMANENT!

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