Become a City Leader

Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue as Your Smart Guy City Network Leader

The Opportunity
Why is running your own Smart Guy City Business Network quite possibly the best business opportunity ever created? 150-200 companies add their business into Smart Guy every day looking to grow. Don't you think businesses would be willing to pay $49 to be aligned to up to 200 local referring businesses in their city?  Of course! And imagine if you earned $20 a month on EACH of those members on an ongoing basis! How easy is that!

WATCH THIS VIDEO. Now that you see WHY businesses want to join, here is how YOU can benefit as the Smart Guy network leader of your city!

(1) You can earn monthly recurring revenue automatically as businesses join  - whether you invite them in or not. 
(2) Everything is already set up, including local businesses who have ALREADY added their company into your city network
(3) Tools in place to easily email members and non-member companies in your city network
(4) Marketing Materials ready to encourage every business to join
(5) Back office traacking to watch as your monthly residual grows

Best of all, there are no franchise fee, big start-up costs, long term committment or big learning curve...up and running instantly!

Overview and Expectations

Smart Guy is one of the fastest growing exclusive business networks in the world, with over 170,000 business members in over 5,500 cities. We are proud of our network leaders as they have the chance to help local businesses, stimulate their local economy, all while simultaneously generating a nice monthly revenue stream. Smart Guy limits its network leaders to only one per city.  There is no hardware, no software and nothing to install. Most are already filled with businesses interested in upgrading their membership that have come to Smart Guy to grow their business. Members must agree to provide top quality service, refer each other whenever possible and offer discounts to local neighbors. They enjoy the benefits of being connected to up to 200 other non-competing business professionals in their city that agree to automatically refer eachother.

Revenue Streams

Smart Guy City business network leaders earn $20 per month of the local members monthly membership fees in exchange for helping to build their city network and maintaining its accuracy. With about 1,500 categories, that can generate as much as 30,000 a month in recurring revenue!

How much does it cost to run a Smart Guy City business network?

There is NO activation fee and monthly costs as the Exclusive Smart Guy City Business Network leader are only $98 a month. Candidates can work out of their home and do not need to have a minimum amount of liquid assets or net worth; instead, they need a computer, internet access and have good communication skills and a desire to be in control of their financial destiny.

Technology, Training & Support

One of Smart Guy’s key differentiators is the innovative easy-to-use technology we provide our City Network leaders. Virtually every aspect is automated, such as sign ups, member upgrades, editing profiles, advertising, commission tracking and distribution, etc. Since each City network is exclusive, there is no need for tracking codes. Businesses that sign up and upgrade or advertise in your city earn you money...automatically! We also have a Quick Start Guide and Marketing Materials to get you up and running right away!

What are the next steps?

You can either click HERE 24/7 to sign up and secure your Smart Guy City Business Network OR for more information or to see if this is the right opportunity for you, email for a free consultation.