Tips for Finding Cheap Cell Phones

Tips for Finding Cheap Cell Phones

Everyone nowadays has a cell phone and it seems that they are getting more and more advanced. There are more and more service providers like Solavei that are offering truly unlimited plans and cheap phones to top it off. However, with these advanced phones from other service providers comes a high price tag and this is something that not a lot of people can afford, and that is why there are still cheap cell phones and service providers on the market including Solavei. Solavei is offering consumers a whole new way to talk on their phones with a truly unlimited everything plan. But if you are looking at how to find the best cheap cell phones, you may be wondering where the best places to look might be since it seems phones are costing hundreds of dollars.

Nowadays you will find that the best brands of cheap cell phones dont exist since they all are pretty advanced. They offer features that the phones from the early 90s didnt offer, and no matter the brand you get, youre sure to be in for a real treat. You can even find that many companies are offering the best deal on cheap cell phones.

For instance, if you are looking to sign a contract with a phone company, you will find that AT&T is offering the iPhone 3GS for $50. They are also offering the Samsung Focus for $49.99. If you are more leaning towards Cricket Wireless, they have the Cricket TXTM8 3G for $49.99. This phone offers a little more for users that want a phone they can message from.

In regards to who has the best cheap cell phones, this is all a matter of personal preferences. If you are into high tech gadgets, you will find that just about all phone manufacturers offer phones that serve everyones needs. There are touch screen phones and even more there are now tablets that are similar to mini computers.

There really is no definite answer to who has the best cheap cell phones, because again, if you are into the high tech devices you are going to love the new iPhone or the iPad while someone else who wants something simply may opt for a phone that has a keyboard and makes calls alone. Not many people are into the high technical stuff.

The best brands of cheap cell phones seem to be anything from Apple, LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, and even Google is coming out with their very own phone in the near future. There are going to be a number of choices when it comes to choosing cheap cell phones.

If you have a current contract with a service provider already, you can talk to a representative and they can tell you about their deals and promotions they often times have. They can offer you the best deal on cheap cell phones that are designed to fit your budget as well as your needs.

When it comes to doing the research on how to find the best cheap cell phones, there are several things that you want to keep in mind and take into consideration.

  • What do you want to use your phone for?
  • Are you going to be making calls frequently? (helps determine a plan)
  • Are you looking to text message on your phone?
  • Do you want internet capabilities?
  • Do you want an all touch screen or a keyboard?

These questions will help find the phone that is ideal for you. Cheap cell phones are easier to find than many people think, and if you take the time to talk to your service provider, many offer deals and the ability to upgrade your current phone for little to no cost at all. Solavei is among the top competitors nowadays offering a $49 unlimited plan that not many service providers have the ability to compete with. Finding a phone is going to help you get the best deals around and youll find something that suits your needs.