Shaklee Promotes a Healthier Life

Shaklee Promotes a Healthier Life

Although Shaklee promotes a healthier life, does it promote a growing business opportunity? The company was founded back in 1956 by Dr Forrest C Shaklee in Pleasanton in the state of California. Today, Shaklee does business all over the globe but mainly in countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada and Mexico.

This is a direct selling company that consists of close to three quarters of a million members as well as distributors. Its run typically as a MLM company, and over the years has become an established and well respected business. Many people have now signed up to become an associate to earn extra cash.

What Does the Company Sell?

Shaklee sells a lot of nutritional supplements as well as biodegradable cleaning products and materials. This is a very Eco conscious business that is extremely environmentally friendly.

When it comes to Shaklee weight control and skin care products, these are easy to sell because reading through the many Shaklee reviews that users have posted on the internet, you soon get to know how popular many of these products are including the Shaklee Vitalizer Gold. In total Shaklee manufacture over 200 other products as well.

If you are a member, this entitles you to a 15% discount off all the retail prices and if you sell enough products, then what you originally purchase can work out for free.

How Big Is Shaklee in the United States?

Shaklee is ranked as one of the biggest direct selling companies in the States that offers people a legitimate opportunity to earn money by becoming an associate. As with all MLM businesses, you earn a commission on all your sales but it is up to you stay motivated and build up your business through effective marketing skills.

Not only do you earn commissions on sales when you sign up as a Shaklee associate, but you earn money for signing other people up to be part of your own network within the company. Once you get to be what is called a Shaklee Business Leader, then you can really earn a lot of commission on your sales and the sales of people you signed up to your network.

This offers you a great opportunity of having a second income although there are some people who make it their full time jobs. Once you are a Shaklee Business Leader, the money really does come in very easy and you don't have to work so hard.

What Are The Shaklee Products?

Shaklee manufacture a huge range of products which includes garlic tablets, these are very popular supplements that lots of people like to supplement their diets with. Other items are Shaklee Vitamins, Shaklee Vitalizer Gold and many, many other very popular supplements that are sold all over the world.

There are a lot of very good Shaklee reviews you can look through on the internet and although some are negative, the majority of them are very positive indeed. The company has a very loyal and solid client base, with many customers regularly buying Shaklee vitamins, Shaklee Vitalizer Gold and the garlic tablets to name but a few of the popular products they have available on the market today.

Shaklee is a well established and legitimate business that offers people who are willing to put the time and effort into selling well known and trusted products to friends, family, acquaintances and other consumers, the opportunity of earning extra cash.

The Shaklee reputation is good and their products popular with people globally. Their network marketing strategies are good and many people have become Shaklee associates and built up their businesses to become Shaklee Business Leaders.

There are a lot of positive Shaklee reviews to read through on the internet that inspire people to become one of their associates. Its easy to sell Shaklee vitamins because they usually sell themselves. If you start out selling to family and friends, this gives you chance to build up not only your reputation but your confidence as well. You get the chance to perfect your marketing skills on people you know first. Shaklee promotes a healthier life and if you are wondering if it is a great business to join, you can do well.