The Smart Guy Business Opportunity - a “Smart” Choice

The Smart Guy Business Opportunity - a “Smart” Choice

When comparing business opportunities, there are many things to keep in mind. Too often people hear about something exciting and jump in without doing the proper due diligence, only to find that there is more to an opportunity than simply its earning potential! Whether you are looking for a full time job, or a secondary venture to increase your monthly income, here are list of things to consider while comparing business opportunities:

Do you believe in the product or service?

It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, you are going to spend quite a bit of time promoting this business to family, friends, neighbors and others. Is it a business that can help others? The fact is if you don’t believe in it, you won’t effectively be able to market it. People know when you truly believe and are excited about something and when you're not. It’s a hidden protective sense everyone has. If you don’t believe in the product service, stop right here.

Is the opportunity easy to understand, present with a great value for others?

Can you explain what you are offering in a couple sentences? People’s attention span for hearing about an opportunity is about as long as the time they spend deciding on whether to change the channel on a television, probably about 12 -18 seconds. They need to hear what it is? What’s in it for them? How much it will cost? and how long it will take to get results? For example,

“Hi my name is Jordan and I run the Beverly HillsChapter of We connect up to 1,500 businesses together within the city and then market the businesses to local residents. Are you interested? You can join for FREE and would be the ONLY (electrician) in the entire network getting these referral leads!”

After they ask you what’s the catch, you respond with,

“There is none, you will be the only (electrician) in our city network; however, if another business in your category signs up after you, they can replace you unless you become a Premium member for ONLY $69 per year!

How much is the activation or start-up fee?

I have heard of people paying $1,000, $2,500, some as much as $5,000 and more just to be entitled to offer the opportunity in their area. Ridiculous. Understand, I am not talking about a franchise fee or costs associated with getting a built-out retail location, it is just an opportunity to make money. If it works and can earn both you and the company money, why charge an activation fee? Smart Guy does not charge an activation fee.

What is the monthly costs to run the business?

Many business opportunities charge a monthly fee of several hundred dollars or more to cover their corporate costs. However, paying more than that again seems extreme.

Smart Guy’s model is more of a partner system, where we provide the technology, marketing materials and support and the network leaders promote it for $98 per month. Each shares in the monthly recurring revenue as new paying members join in their city. In this way, both the individual and the company are on the same side with the same priorities and benefits - getting more businesses to become members.

Are there marketing materials available?

It is important that you possess the proper marketing materials to easily present what you have to offer. Flyers, mailers, html banners and more. It might be the greatest product or service in the world, but if no one hears about it, they’re not going to buy it. provides its members marketing materials, scripts, a easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide and an extensive FAQ section allowing business network leaders the ability to jump right in and start making money right away!

Is there training and support?

Every business opportunity should have training and ongoing support.Training will help further understand the product and ongoing support to provide you specific questions, unexpected scenarios, advance notice and training of new features and more.

Smart Guy also offers alive interactive webinar every week where you can just listen in or ask questions and interact with other network leaders.

Is there an existing database of prospective clients to market to?

Is the company providing you a list of contacts to go after? Or is one of the companies that says, “here is a phone book” - best of luck! Or perhaps it is just the typical hit up your friends approach and hope that you're not already in the N.F.L. (no friends left) club.

In many cases, Smart Guy already has tons of businesses in your city that have filled out a detailed profile because they are interested in growing their business. You can login and see their information, as well as use the internal email system to email all of them a custom message introducing the special $1 promotion in less than a minute!

How easy is it to run the business?

In most cases, people are looking for a business opportunity that is easy-to-run and does not require a big learning curve. No one wants to read a huge manual of instructions.

Smart Guy believes that true technology should be simple. For this reason, most processes are automated allowing network leaders to focus on sharing the marketing materials and/or videos and letting them to all the work.

Do you have any type of exclusivity?

How many people are offering what you are in your city? Many times, too much competition in your city means your efforts can be stolen away by someone else.

In the case of SmartGuy, each network leader gets exclusive representation of their city. Network Leaders earn money on anyone who signs up while their are running the network, whether they sign up because of their efforts or not.

Is there a long term contract or commitment?

There should never be long term contracts unless there is a considerable initial investment to get someone positioned for the business opportunity. In other words, if the company believes so much in their opportunity, why do they need to prevent you from leaving it?

Network leader agreements are month-to-month, and businesses upgrade to Premium for only $69 annually!

What is the track record of the CEO?

Unusual question? Why? Your CEO is your leader. Does he have a business plan? Is he just a visionary or does he actually get things done? What is his experience in this field? How good is his/her online/offline reputation? Is he/she available if you need to speak with them?

SmartGuy CEO Jordan Wexler has built a number of very successful companies and is usually available via Skype, email or his personal cell phone which are all listed in the back office for members to access

Finally, is it a fun business to run

Yes! The fact is if you don’t enjoy the business, you will always see your efforts as work. If you enjoy it, you’re never really working!

Smart Guy started as a an idea in the balcony of a church and a small grass roots efforts that has become a major movement. It is disrupting traditional networking. Just as uber has changed the efficiency of public transportation for many, so will Smart Guy disrupt the way many businesses and individuals within each city will grow and prosper.

If you are looking for an exciting empowering business opportunity that is easy to run, helps others, earns ongoing monthly revenue and is fun to grow, perhaps you should consider becoming a Smart guy.