Walking in Place - Great Exercise to Lose Weight

Walking in Place - Great Exercise to Lose Weight

Walking in place is an awesome yet overlooked way of losing weight. Given that it is low impact, it is ideal for those who do not prefer involving exercises like jogging. It allows you to tone and shape the leg and stomach muscles. In addition, walking gives your metabolism a great kick-start, which means after a walk, you will lose weight by not doing anything.

If you put walking in place, you will shed off weight by slowly moving along the bay, stopping to look at the rolling ships. What you would like to achieve is losing weight as you walk rather than appreciating views. Here are a few simple steps to help you lose weight while walking:

Walk uphill and see the waistline go down. Walking uphill has several benefits whether it is a walk on the treadmill, an incline in the local gym or walking some mountain miles far from you. When you walk uphill, your heart rate increases, causes more calories to burn while building tones on your leg muscles. Although walking on flat ground can still make you lose weight, you are likely to lose more weight walking uphill.

Walk before breakfast and burn more calories. Research shows that walking before you take breakfast helps in burning calories by about 30 percent more than attempting to lose weight during an after-breakfast walking. This means when you walk before breakfast, the metabolism will start earlier in the day, resulting to more calorie loss.

Walk with intensity. Although your primary aim is loss of weight through walking, you need to push yourself a little more than when you are strolling round with some ice cream. Of course, do not break into a jog but try to move at a brisk pace to ensure that you lose greater calories while walking.

Walk on uneven ground for steady weight loss. No, this is not meant to trip you up. The uneven ground will help you to lose weight as you walk. When walking on this kind of ground, your body will constantly need to correct itself, thus burning calories a lot quicker than you could achieve while on a flat ground. Therefore, if possible, give up paths or treadmills and start heading up onto gavel paths or grass. Start exploring the countryside while losing weight.

Walk while swinging your arms. This will not make you the queen or king of swingers, but when you introduce greater movement into your arms, whether pumping or swinging, you will most likely lose an additional 10 to 15 percent of your calories. You could try a little of arm waving as you walk and drop off some pounds.

Use stairs rather than an elevator: Well, if it is not your custom, you can only do a single flight though walking through more will become easier each day. Walking up the stairs is more like walking uphill and you know that will be a good chance to shed off more weight.

If the place you intend to go to is not too far, you can forfeit the car journey and walk your way there. Although some places are not friendly to pedestrians, they will simply make it valuable when you put walking in place.

You can walk through a longer route. If there are different routes to your destination, you can choose to walk through the park rather than using a direct road. This will make it further but pleasant. If you cannot leave the car, you could park it further. This will allow you a bit of walking exercise. In the same way, when using public transport, you can get off a stop earlier. Such a small change will allow you to stretch the legs and exercise.