Treatment for Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain

Treatment for Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain

Pain is part of life but when it becomes frequent and regular, it must be dealt with decisively. You must find ways in which to alleviate the pain or eliminate it altogether. The treatment for chronic shoulder and neck pain has eluded many people because of the sensitivity and complex nature of the body parts.

Your shoulders may be subjected to a lot of stress when you use your hands or shoulders to bear heavy burdens. Arthritis is a major cause of shoulder pain in people of all ages but especially adults. Due to the nature of work that you may be doing, you could be vulnerable to shoulder pain. Neck pains are a result of years of turning your neck as the process wears out the cartilages cushioning your neck bones. Medical complications such as nervous complication can also make you develop shoulder and neck pains and this happens when the discs become dry and constrict the spinal column space where the nerves protrude. You can use painkillers or opt for alternative shoulder and neck pain relievers such as acupuncture.


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You can also have treatment massage in which the massage therapist uses various techniques to eliminate neck and shoulder pains by relaxing the muscles and tendons. The therapy sessions last for 30 to 60 minutes and entail the use of powder and oils to reduce friction and achieve the soothing effect. The therapists may also opt to use substances such as heat and ice to treat back pains that may have a connection to your neck complications.

Acupuncture and Acupressure entails placing needles at specific points of the body to trigger a biological chemical or electrical response to release pain-relieving hormones. The method is useful in treating neck pains effectively and the procedure is painless because the needles are thin to an extent that you experience no pain during their insertion. Acupressure practitioners on the other hand, assert pressure on the painful parts of the neck using their palms or finger to eliminate the pain.

Tai Chi is an alternative treatment for chronic shoulder and neck pain that eliminates pain by increasing oxygen supply to the part of the body experiencing the pain owing to injury constrains. The Tai Chi healing processes also improves muscle strength, flexibility and co-ordination. This process is effective when undertaken with the assistance of someone who understands certain aspects of the process such as the breathing techniques.

Hydrotherapy reduces your stress levels and decreases discomfort and pain using motion and temperature. For example, some of the techniques hydrotherapy experts use to eliminate neck pains include; socking in warm water or hot compress and whirlpool tabs such as Jacuzzis. This form of pain treatment has been in use in European societies for many years and is fast gaining popularity in United States and Canada.

Experts advise that the best treatment for chronic shoulder and neck pain is to avoid overstressing your shoulders. You should avoid carrying very heavy loads on your shoulder. In some occupations, it might be difficult to avoid doing that. However, your employer should provide you with an alternative to enable you carry heavy loads without causing damage to your neck and shoulders. When you go to sleep, ensure that the pillow you are using is appropriate. If possible, you should sleep without using a head pillow.

It would be wise to carry out physical exercise occasionally to keep the muscles connected to your neck and shoulders are in perfect order. However, you should avoid exercises that put a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders, as this might increase the pain and the problem.