Symptoms For Liver Pain

Symptoms For Liver Pain

One of the most frequently confused sets of symptoms for abdominal pain is those that originate in the liver; liver pain is one of the more serious developments that can occur, since it indicates possibly a great deal more than just stomach trouble. The liver is a vital organ. It detoxifies the system, stores glycogen and produces the hormones necessary for life and continued health. Its found on the right side of the body; if one could see the body in a cut - away, it would appear as a reddish brown, triangular sack to the right of the abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm.

The average liver weighs a little over 1 and one - half kilos, making it the largest organ with a glandular function in the human body. As it is one of the most important organs in the body, one can safely assume that if there is liver pain, it should be attended to at once; therefore, knowing the location of the liver is essential to locating the source of pain. If there are genuine liver pain symptoms, they should occur beneath the rib cage.


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The symptoms of pain in the liver are similar to those in the stomach; they are first experienced as a dull ache, located in the upper portion of the abdomen. There may be back pain as well, or there may be a separate abdominal pain; both of these symptoms are a warning that liver pain is present, and should be treated. If the pain is more sharp than dull, it may be a much graver situation, and medical attention is indicated as soon as possible.

There may be an uncomfortable itch, a skin rash, or even the development of spots on the skin (not liver spots, as those are indicative of age rather than disease). There may even be blemishes, usually slightly brown in color, or a yellowish discoloration of the epidermal surfaces.

The eyes, because the livers ability to detoxify may be compromised, may begin to itch, and they may develop dark circles. Because the toxins are building up in the system if the liver is not functioning properly, one may develop an unpleasant body odor, made worse by heightened perspiration. Bad breath and a pronounced foot odor may develop as well, and palms and soles of the feet may become red and inflamed; all these are symptomatic of a possibly serious condition.

The situation is infinitely more serious if there is a high fever, vomiting (especially blood), severe pain in the liver and possible hallucinations; these are a ticket to the emergency room, as quickly as possible. One should also visit the emergency room for swollen testes, bloating (especially abdominal), unexplained loss of weight, discolored or pale urine or stools, pain that manifests when a patients coughs or inhales, and difficulty breathing.

What are liver pain causes? The most common answer is hepatitis, a serious condition that causes jaundice, the yellowing quality that appears in the skin; this condition should be treated immediately, as Hepatitis A, B and C are all highly infectious and usually produce lasting and severe damage. Fatty liver, a condition wherein the liver acquires excess fat cells, is a less serious disease but one that will need medical attention as soon as possible also.

There may even be a liver dysfunction, such as cirrhosis or enlargement, which often occurs if the individual has had a large consumption rate for alcohol, particularly over a long period of time. The most severe symptoms of those listed above may be an indication of liver cancer, obviously a condition that admits of no delay in diagnosis and treatment, which need to be as early as possible.

One should pay attention to the symptoms of liver pain; they can be a lifesaving warning.

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