Sweating and Illness - Major Diseases That Cause It

Sweating and Illness - Major Diseases That Cause It

The common causes of sweating are thyroid disorders, some cancer types, obesity and other febrile and gland ailments. These are the prime causes of excessive sweating. Normal sweating results from sweat glands for the sake of cooling the body whenever temperatures are high. Everyone may experience his type of sweating because it is a normal biological process.

The upper body sweating, especially among the elderly, can result from weight gain, aging, inactivity and hormonal changes, especially among women. Although doctors know the causes of normal sweating, not so much is known on excessive sweating and illness that affects a large score of individuals across the globe.


Sweating usually occurs in areas such as armpits, hands and feet. Some people encounter excessive sweating and illnesses such as psychiatric conditions as well as menopause may cause this. Although people consider these as typical causes of sweating, other underlying conditions might make the condition worse.

Hormonal changes are among the main causes of profuse sweating. Such changes may include menopause and pregnancy in women as well as hyperactive glands among the teens. People with various thyroid conditions tend to sweat a lot. Other illnesses related to excessive sweating are obesity, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and some types of cancer. The best person to determine whether an undetected illness causes sweating is a health professional.

In the absence of an underlying ailment, hereditary is usually the second culprit. In such a case, the excessive sweating is not an ailment though it is likely to be manifested on a certain body part. Many people live healthy although they often deal with excessive sweating simply because it is genetic. There is a high possibility that such people will pass the same condition to their offspring.

For such individuals, proper hygiene will help them to live with excessive sweating. Medication techniques and dietary adjustments can also help to reduce sweating, particularly during stressful times.

Research is still ongoing to determine what causes profuse sweating. Although genetics play an important role here, scientists attribute the excessive sweating condition to the hyperactivity in someone's sympathetic nervous system. In particular, the causative factor is the thoracic sympathetic ganglion chain that functions within the chest cavity, close to the vertebra spine. Physicians group profuse sweating into two broad types: generalized and focal hyperhidrosis. In the former condition, profuse sweating may occur in various parts of the body. In such a case, sweating may occur on the face and trunk.

In these cases, a number of patients portray other general ailments including obesity, thyroid conditions, cancerous disorders and febrile illnesses. The search for the exact cause of profuse sweating may take a while because it is a bit hard to establish what exactly causes this condition in nearly every case of over sweating and illness. Thus, due to these difficulties, physicians usually diagnose for idiopathic hyperhidrosis to various cases of excessive sweating.

On the other hand, physicians diagnose for focal hyperhidrosis when the patient encounter sweating on specific body parts like the hands, feet and armpit. Under focal hyperhidrosis, heredity is the most common explanation for those with the condition.

Whereas doctors have not completely established what causes sweating, it is worth knowing that, several treatments can help to deal with this disorder. For the normal sweating, you should use either an antiperspirant or deodorant for relief. However, those experiencing profuse sweating should consult the physician who will apply different medication and treatment techniques to instill relief. There are other treatments available across the counter and in some online stores that may not require prescription, and have been of help to several patients with this condition.


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