Neck Hair - How to Make It Stop Growing
  • Neck Hair - How to Make It Stop Growing

    You may have a whole colony of unnecessary hair sticking around the neck that often makes you seem like a preserved cave dweller in your business outfit. Well, it is time you go through a couple of options to get rid off your neck hair to leave you looking smooth and elegant. However, there are various methods you can use to get rid of the hair around your neck.

    • Plucking: You can easily acquire a pair of tweezers since they are inexpensive and yet effective in removing the hair. Just ensure you know how to use them properly and that its shaft should be long enough for the device to grasp. Note that you may need enough time to use tweezers.
    • Shaving: This method usually cuts off the hair from the surface of the skin. It is only effective in the short-term because hair might start growing after a few days. To make it effective, you should use it alongside some moisturizers that are added to your neck skin and help the razor to glide over the skin and avoid cuts. Commonly used moisturizers are shaving cream, water, body wash and hair conditioner.
    • Waxing: The method involves applying warm wax to the neck region with an applicator. After the wax cools a bit, it is quickly taken off the skin alongside any unwanted hair. It is effective in the removal of unwanted neck hair and its hair-free effect lasts for longer than in the case of shaving. Nonetheless, you should exercise caution when heating wax in order to avoid any burns.
    • Sugar waxing: This method involves spreading sugar on the skin along the direction of hair growth. A paper strip or piece of cloth is patted on the wax before pulling it off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. This helps to pull hair from its follicles. This can be easier than conventional waxing because the sugar wax dissolves in water.
    • Depilatories: Calcium hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide with thioglycolate helps to melt the hair away. The working of thioglycolate is such that is such that it breaks the chemical bonds holding hair cells and skin in place. The depilatory is placed to the region and left for 3 to 15 minutes followed by washing or wiping off. You should first test the chemical on a small skin region around 48 hours prior to applying it on a large section. This process may cause irritation on the skin but application of hydrocortisone creams will relieve it.
    • Laser Hair Removal: Many people prefer this option because it yields better results in hair removal. The procedure works by damaging the hair follicle and thus discouraging growth. It only takes a few minutes because the treatment region - neck area is small and the results last longer than waxing. It can result to a permanent removal of your neck hair.
    • Electrolysis: This is the method that FDA approved for permanent hair removal. During electrolysis, an expert inserts a small needle in the hair follicle for the sake of electrifying the root. This will burn the root and prevent it from yielding other hairs in future. Only a professional should carry out this procedure usually at home. The method may require several treatments and will not apply to everyone. Possible side effects include infection and pain.
    • Epilady machine: This is an effective device for hair removal. The machines may be battery operated or you may need to plug them into an electrical outlet. The machine has numerous minuscule tweezers that close and open as the device moves over your neck skin in the upward position. Similar to waxing, the epilady eliminates hair from various spots simultaneously although the hair should be long enough for the mini-tweezers to trap it.

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