How to Relieve Constipation Naturally

How to Relieve Constipation Naturally

How to relieve constipation naturally is a question that has probably been asked many times over the centuries. Finding constipation relief among all of the products and home remedies that are available can be tough to do. Most mothers and grandmothers seem to have ideas on how to relieve this ache or this pain and constipation and diarrhea seem to be no different.


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Natural constipation remedies might include foods and spices that are commonly found in a kitchen or some other methods that may be less well known. One of the most common thoughts people have when trying to find constipation relief is to increase their fiber intake. The danger in this is that without an adequate amount of water, the extra fiber can also cause constipation. Insoluble fiber, the kind that remains virtually unchanged and creates bulky and soft stools that are easier to pass, are things like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Grains like wheat brain, brown rice and even whole grain bread can generally help. Some cereals are adding more fiber to their ingredients, especially for children who seem to have difficulty due to their sometimes picky eating habits.

Another common suggestion people have about constipation is to eat yogurt. The live active cultures in yogurt are helpful bacteria that line the intestinal wall and may help in relieving constipation as well as supporting a healthy colon. Some may find that if they do not consume yogurt all that often, or if they eat too much yogurt, the live active cultures work too well. The balance in this case between constipation and diarrhea might be one to consider carefully.

Learning how to relieve constipation naturally can be a very helpful bit of knowledge to have and understanding some of the different ways that can offer relief allows a person to find the best approach or approaches for herself. While having ways to relieve constipation is important, the relief may also come from managing your diet and exercise as a healthy person. Our lifestyles are typically hurried and filled with rushed meals that have little nutritional value and often with little or no exercise. All of that plus the stress and anxiousness that comes with the pressured jobs that many hold, can make constipation a more frequent occurrence. Exercises like walking and going up and down stairs can help to keep the digestive tract moving in addition to eating a bit healthier.

Remember Popeye? He ate spinach and got stronger. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables have magnesium in them. Magnesium assists in muscle function, so since the intestines are muscles, it makes a difference in those, as well. Magnesium is a natural remedy and if you are not a fan of spinach, then there are supplements and powders that can be taken.

Another one of the natural constipation remedies is flax seed. Flax comes as a powder that can be sprinkled on foods and it has a mild and slightly nutty taste. It is another fiber-type remedy, but since it is ground as used as a powder, it seems to be a popular choice for use, even from those who dont care for whole grains as a rule.

How to relieve constipation naturally is unfortunately not a question with just one answer. Trying to find just the right methods for you might consist of some trial and error before finding the best balance for you. Exercise, eating a good amount of fiber and drinking water can go a long way to keeping you regular, but choosing a natural remedy for constipation might also be a healthy choice.


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