How To Find A Gynecologist In Your Area

How To Find A Gynecologist In Your Area

To find a gynecologist is an important process for women. Gathering as much information as possible is vital to reaching a good decision. Women can choose a gynecologist who will also serve as their primary care physician, or one who is just a specialist in gynecological issues. Either way, finding a qualified gynecologist is important. To make a proper decision, you need to consider referrals, check references, and research the doctors credentials and background.


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Women who say they need to find a gynecologist in my area often first go to the list of network physicians provided to them by their health insurance carrier. This list will have the contact information for every gynecological office that accepts that particular insurance plan. Women should cross reference this list with referrals from friends, family, and neighbors. You can also decide that you want to find a gynecologist near me and choose to narrow your list by location. This should help to narrow down the list from the insurance company to a manageable number.

Next, it is important to do a background check. Ask from the doctors you are considering. Mention the names to your primary care physician to get their feedback. Also, look online for reviews of the doctors services and to see if there are any pending disciplinary actions or law suits against the doctor. You are also going to need to make sure that the office hours are convenient for you. If the only day you can schedule an appointment for is Saturday, and this office isnt open on Saturday, then it doesnt matter how good the doctor is because you wont be able to make any of the appointments.

For women who are still considering bearing a child, it might be wise to find a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician. Not all gynecologists do both, but it can be much more convenient to see one doctor that two. It saves time and money, and is a more holistic approach to your overall health as a woman. A good gynecologist and obstetrician will stay with you after the birth of the child to monitor any long term consequences to your health as a result of child birth. Finding a primary care physician who can also fill those two roles will be a worthwhile trifecta, so long as they provide good quality care.

A good gynecologist needs to be a good listener. They need to understand when you might feel embarrassed asking certain questions and put you at ease in those situations, because sometimes those questions can reveal serious problems that need to be addressed. They also need to be able to understand your need for discretion. If you do not feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with your gynecologist, then you have the wrong doctor and need to move on immediately.

It is much easier to find a gynecologist than to find as good one. Searching for the latter takes time, patience, and resourcefulness. The quest is an important one, because womens health issues are complex and important. A good gynecologist can prescribe courses of treatment when necessary to prevent small problems from growing into large ones that can be difficult to manage. Many women choose a gynecologist through referrals from family and friends. This familiarity makes them feel a little more at ease during the first visit, which is often uncomfortable. Gynecologists understand that office visits can be difficult, and good ones are able to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the examination process. When you find a doctor like this, stick with them because they are not all that easy to deal with.