How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

The drug rehab cost is the one unfortunate aspect of these great programs. People who are considering entering a drug rehab, have to first consider how to pay for the services or to choose one that is low cost or free. Some insurance companies will pay for a part of the rehab process, but often there are still costs to the person or the families.

Trying to make sense of the different types of programs can be confusing enough, and then to weigh out how much each costs makes the process more involved. A drug rehab cost estimator might help the person or their family calculate the costs associated with a particular rehab program or center. This can be done by taking the daily rate of treatment, or the costs that are above and beyond what the insurance will pay and multiplying it by how long a treatment process will be needed.


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There seems to be no magic drug rehab cost estimator that will work for all programs or centers, because they all are different. Depending on the program, there may be a sliding fee scale, subsidy from their funders or the ability to pay as you go. Many of the programs that have websites offer all sorts of information, but usually the drug rehab cost is not as readily available as other pieces of information. In this way, of course, people are interested in going to one place or another because of the information that they get from the site about the program, campus and even location and then making the money part comes after the choice of program. This may work for some, but for those that the money is the critical part of the choice, it is potentially another stumbling block to getting into rehab.

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A daily drug rehab average cost can be around five hundred dollars for a residential stay. For an outpatient treatment program the drug rehab average cost is lower because the room and board aspect is not figured into the fees. Depending on the situation and the type of substances that are being abused, outpatient may be an option or may not be the best option to really get the person on the road to recovery.

While the costs of rehab can be phenomenal, there are free or low cost places that can be found for help. Often, the free programs do not provide the inpatient or residential services as the higher cost programs, but at least there may be some help available that is more affordable. In addition to looking on the internet for options, asking a doctor, shelter or calling local help-lines can give some options in a specific area.

Even though court-ordered rehab may be free to the person, it actually costs most Americans some money per year to help pay for the costs associated with drug rehabilitation.

The drug rehab cost can be very expensive, but there are some programs that offer free or low cost treatments, as well. Some insurance will pay for treatment, but may have a cap for the daily rate. Asking if the rehab will accept the insurance payment only or understanding how much the additional cost to the person will be is important before treatment begins. Making sure the treatment can be paid for is one less worry to consider while trying to get clean. The costs of residential drug rehab can range from four hundred to over a thousand dollars per day, so the commitment is important so as to not waste the money. Getting help isnt cheap, but it is worth it.