Can You Force Someone into Drug Rehab?

Can You Force Someone into Drug Rehab?

Can you force someone into drug rehab is a question that many people ask about a loved one that is abusing drugs and is unwilling to seek help for themselves. But does forced drug rehab work? Drug rehab is expensive and really needs the person to be willing to participate in the treatment to produce the best results. The hope would be that the person would relent once there and then give the treatment a try, but how realistic is that?


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If a person is over eighteen, then it is more difficult to force someone into drug rehab unless it is a court-ordered program. There are some states that allow for a person who is not able to care for themselves or are a danger to others that can be forced to enter a program, but laws vary from state to state and it is generally more difficult to get an adult into treatment against their will. Some of those laws allow for a person to be detained for up to forty-eight hours, but without any presenting mental illness or other issue, the hold is usually released at that time unless the person asks for additional help themselves. Checking out the laws of the state that the person lives in can help give a better idea of the options for forced drug rehab.

If the person in question is a minor, under eighteen years old, then that person can be placed into a program if the parent or guardian signs for them to be there. The decision lies with the parent, but if the minor is unwilling, it may be as futile as any adult who refuses help. The bottom line for any addict is that they want to have help or it may not be as effective. The promise of a brighter future makes the hope that the young person will accept the help so that the rest of their life can be productive as possible.

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Getting a loved one or a friend into a drug rehab program can be a difficult and emotional process. If the person refuses to go to rehab, then staging an intervention may be a way to make that person understand that people care and that their behavior is hurting themselves and others that they love. An intervention is usually a surprise to the person and the more people who are close to that person who can tell him or her how they feel about the drugs and the person may help convince him or her to go to rehab. The goal is to show how much value that person has to the people present and how much they are loved. In this way, the person may be able to see that their behavior has hurt those who are important to him or her and that there is support for her/him to get the help that is needed. This window of cooperation might be for a brief time, so the faster a move to treatment can be made after the intervention, the better.

Can you force someone into drug rehab is a question that many ask when the desperation of watching someone who is abusing drugs spiral out of control. You want to do something but, it is not easy to get someone into rehab because as an adult, no one can be detained against her will unless the court decides that it must be so. If there’s a way to convince the person to seek help, like staging an intervention with family and friends, then the rehab process may work a bit better.