Best Treatment for Tonsillitis in Adults - What is it

Best Treatment for Tonsillitis in Adults - What is it

Tonsillitis is the inflammation that affects the pharyngeal tonsils as a result of an infection. It is spread the same way a cold or flu is spread which is contact with germs from an infected person as well as contact with a contaminated surface. The inflammation may affect other areas such as the adenoids or the lingual tonsils. There are various types of tonsillitis that include recurrent, acute, peritonsillar abscess and chronic. Tonsils become red swollen and tender. This disease is known to get better without any treatment and does not exhibit complication. It leads to difficulties while swallowing and painful throat and starts with a sudden sore throat.

Tonsils are a part of the immune or the lymphatic system and protect us from the effects of ingested contaminants. However, sometimes they are infected by bacteria or viruses. Most of the times symptoms are just discomfort but may sometimes lead to more serious threats like rheumatic fever. Treatment depends on severity, age and the cause between viral or bacterial. The best treatment for tonsillitis in adults is aimed at getting rid of the symptoms that include ear pain, sore throat, fever and headache.

Regardless of cause of tonsillitis between viral and bacterial, the immune system of the body gets rid of it within 4-7 days. The bacterial type usually fizzles away in 10 days with a prescription of antibiotics such as erythromycin, penicillin as well as roxithromycin. Tonsil stones usually develop when one is affected by tonsillitis as a result of the presence of food particles, bacterial infection, mucous as well as other ingested or inhaled contaminants. Once the particles are trapped they calcify into small whitish stones which also results into bad breath. The best treatment for tonsillitis in adults involves proper oral hygiene. There are various home remedies for tonsil stones which are aimed at dealing with the symptoms as well as extracting the stones altogether. Some of the treatments involve getting rid of bad breath. This can be achieved by various products such as lozenges, oral sprays, grape seed extracts, some specially oxygenated toothpastes, oral antiseptic, tonsil stone kits as well as gargling using salt water.

Tonsil stones can be removed by professionals or by DIY methods where long cotton swabs are used. Removal is a permanent solution even though tonsils are important as they perform immunological functions. There are various herbal treatments for tonsillitis. They include:

  • Gelsemium 6C. This is a herb that is widely known to treat infected tonsils.
  • Belladonna 30C. This is a homeopathic remedy that is very effective in eliminating pain, sore throat, acute fever, swollen tonsils, headaches and dry coughs.
  • Gallium aperine which is also known as Cleavers. It is tonic that cleanses the tonsils and relieves swelling and can also be used for glandular fever.
  • Salvia officinalis. When taken it treats various conditions of the throat and mouth as it is known to have antiseptic, antibiotic as well as herbal astringent properties.

On the other hand, there are home remedies that can be done without any professional help. They are considered to be the best treatment for tonsillitis in adults due to their convenience and low cost. They include taking aspirin which aids in numbing the throat, drinking ice cold beverages and resting. However, smoking should be avoided.

These are done in addition with gargling with plain salt water. In severe cases you can gargle with a solution made of Fenugreek seeds. In addition, juices made from cucumber, beet roots as well as carrot can also be used. You can rinse your throat with hot water which has been added mustard powder. Other remedies include a mixture of honey and lime juice that has been prepared in hot water which is very effective in relieving throat infection and pain. Pure milk that has been boiled is also a recommended cure.