Best Anti-inflammatory - What is the Best Over the Counter Medicine

Best Anti-inflammatory - What is the Best Over the Counter Medicine

Conditions that are caused by inflammatory reactions have become quite common. Luckily, there are many different anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to treat these conditions. These conditions include arthritis, menstrual cramps, fever and tendonitis amongst many other conditions.

While some of these conditions can be handled without medication, other conditions have serious effects and could be fatal if they are not managed. Many anti-inflammatory drugs have been developed to manage these conditions. Many of these drugs are available as over the counter medicines. The following is an outline of some of the best anti-inflammatory medicines that can be obtained as over the counter medicines.

  • Naproxen

This is a popular over the counter medicine that many people use to treat various inflammatory conditions. This is a non steroidal medication that is commonly recommended for the treatment of conditions that result in chronic pain including chronic lower back pain.

This anti-inflammatory is very effective and is often used for the treatment of chronic conditions. However, extended use of the drug is not advised as it is known to result in conditions such as stomach bleeding. However, these conditions usually develop in people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Ibuprofen

This is another popularly used over the counter medicine. It is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory medicines. It is often used for the treatment of acute pain caused by inflammatory conditions. This drug has been identified to have a better pain scale score than many other anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients in studies involving the drug have reported that the pain that they were experiencing did not interfere with their daily activities after taking the drug.

However, just like Naproxen, extensive use of Ibuprofen will result in serious side effects. The side effects experienced with ibuprofen are similar to those experienced with naproxen. Patients are advised to seek medical assistance if the side effects become serious.

  • Aspirin

Aspirin has been one of the most popular over the counter medicines for the management of anti-inflammatory conditions for many years. It was once considered the best anti-inflammatory medicine as its pain relieving effects were felt almost immediately.

Aspirin was especially shown to be effective for the treatment of migraine headaches. These same studies also showed the efficacy of the drug in treating pain resulting from other inflammatory conditions.

Like with other anti-inflammatory medicines, aspirin has been shown to have serious side effects following the prolonged use of the drug. Aspirin inhibits the formation of blood platelets. This in turn results in the thinning of blood. Extended use of aspirin can lead to long term thinning of the blood. Those that get cuts or bruises will bleed for extended periods as they do not have enough platelets for proper blood clotting.

Before you purchase any anti-inflammatory drug over the counter, it is advisable to find out if it is the right drug for you. You should therefore visit a doctor and ask them for their advice. It is never advisable to self medicate even if you have heard or read that the drug you are purchasing is the best over the counter medicine for managing inflammatory conditions. You may instead make the condition worse than it actually is.

You should also read up on the anti-inflammatory drugs that are recommended to you by your physician. Read about the use of the drugs and the side effects. Ensure that you know how to properly use the drug to prevent the development of serious side effects. You will also learn about how to recognize the onset of the side effects and what to do when the symptoms appear.