At What Age do Men Stop Growing?

At What Age do Men Stop Growing?

Men are from mars and women are from Venus are popular terms used to describe how much women and men do not really understand each other. Particularly, it puts into perspective why men do not understand women at all. The few men who have managed to understanding the thinking of the female brain have been safely secured in an unknown location where nobody knows! This lack of understanding has led many to ask the question at what age do men stop growing.

Men are always considered overgrown children by their actions, the games they play, the way they reason and the things that they do. These childlike attributes can only be described as an unexplainable resistance to aging mentally while we cannot say much for the body. Men do not stop growing physically, but the development of their minds is not what women would like to consider as growth.

The best exhibition of the assumption that men stop growing mentally at some point is in men-women relationships. Although men wear the pants in the relationship, a lot of the thought process is carried out by the women. Men never seem to be in a rush to commit, once they find a comfort zone the need for change rarely hits them. On the other hand, women's brains develop at an unmatched speed, constantly thinking of ways through which the relationship can move to the next level. Sentiments that are in many cases not shared mutually.

It is a common notion that men and women of the same age usually have different levels of thinking capacity. This is why most relationships feature an older man and a younger woman. The question at what age do men stop growing is also concerned with their rate of maturing.

It is amazing how men can find entertainment in activities that most ladies consider dangerous and will potentially lead to an emergency room trip. The age at which men stop growing has not been literally discovered. It is only once they have reached maximum stature and are of adult age that women realise they might have been left somewhere else.

In all fairness, men occupy their brains with other matters that are usually not of concern to women, making it appear that they are immature. Women are life thinkers. Their brains are wired to worry about reality, think about the future, responsibilities and relationships among other factors. On the other hand, men's brains are wired technically and are focused on tangible items that are literally acceptable. This is why men think of physical things such as sex, money, and cars among other physical things.

These different levels of thinking obviously show that women have a much wider scope of things to think about as compared to men. This huge scope through which women can channel their thoughts give the illusion that there is something missing in the man's level of thinking leading to the age old question at what age do men stop growing.

Gender wars are usually as a result of the natural differences between men and women. These natural differences usually complement each other in most relationships where the men and women complement each other at these different capacities of thinking. These differences have also led to a lot of conflict between men and women. In conclusion, for men and women to get along, it is important to understand the difference in scopes of thought that would lead one half of the race to seem immature and young at mind. Every man stops growing at some point as compared to women and especially in their thought process.