Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Your Customers Breathe Easier
  • Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Your Customers Breathe Easier

    Air duct cleaning is one of those household jobs that is probably not considered all that much, but when replacing a furnace or getting routine maintenance it may come up again. According to the EPA, there is some evidence that duct cleaning can be useful in extending the life of the furnace and also may help the unit run with more efficiency.

    An air duct cleaning service that offers competitive rates and will give an estimate or have a flat rate for cleaning the whole house duct system can be the one that more people will contact when they need the service. Some retails stores and cleaning services like Sears and Stanley Steemer seem to offer air duct cleaningas one option from them, but having an air duct cleaning service that is not associated with the larger stores or chains may hold an advantage in the market because you are not bound by any corporate policies and if you wish to offer air duct cleaning specialsthat are different from other sites, you can do so without too much trouble.

    Cleaning air ducts might be a part of your business or it could be the main source. Either way getting your name out to people who may need the cleaning services that you offer is critical to sustaining your business. Advertising in print media and online can help drive customers your way. Offering air duct cleaning tips might be a good idea because you are sharing good information and also might be establishing your business as an expert that can be trusted to give sound advice and information. Follow the air duct cleaning tips with air duct cleaning specials and you may add to your client-base all at once.

    When advertising, illustrating the differences between your business and those like Sears can be a good way to generate business, but making sure that the comparisons are not too negative may be in your best interest. Consumers like to make a choice based on the merits of a business and not mud-slinging, so showing that your business is the better choice because you can have more flexibility with prices, your service is more accessible or that the guarantees issued are better than the competition can be the way to go. Offering information that is based in fact can provide customers with the material to make a sound decision. Your fine customer service is what will keep the customers talking about the work and even recommending your service to friends or family members.

    One other way to market might be with doctors that specialize in breathing disorders and in allergies. Both can be helped by cleaning out the dust, debris and dirt in the air ducts. When the ducts are clean, there are fewer allergens and gunk to be circulated back into the house and so those who have trouble breathing can breathe easier.

    Networking is helpful no matter what business you are in and this one is no different. If you are not a heating and cooling specialist, then possibly connecting with that type of business and giving some information to distribute to their clients might be helpful. Putting your service in the hands of people who may be interested in having duct work done is a smart move.

    Air duct cleaning may not be the first household chore that is considered, but it can help heating and cooling units work more effectively and can possibly save consumers money in the long run. Keeping dust and debris from collecting in the ducts can help with allergies and other respiratory issues.